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So, with everyone (@daedal) going on about their chat I thought I’d give it a try today, as I needed some clarification on something. My opinion: It sucks! (at least on Android)

  1. For whatever reason the chat disables auto correct on android. Have you ever tried typing a full sentence on your phone without autocorrect? It basically doesn’t work.

  2. The result was “You can’t do this through chat, you need to call us”.

Oh well, we all prefer different things, I guess, and ultimately it’s good the various options are available, so those who prefer chat can chat, and those who prefer to talk can do that!

I’ve had the chat option available for a while, never used it.

I prefer to call; I also assume it would probably be quicker calling usually too? I do like how I can pass security by calling through the app. (I’ve found it works by automatically adding a one-time passcode to the end of the phone number… by using two commas before it tells the phone to wait two seconds then pass the code to the call center; pretty clever really.)

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Same for me. But I thought I’d give it a try for a change.

Since I was just trying new things I then tried the video call option. That was a bit of a pain, and I think I’ll avoid it going forward too. Unlike the calling option you still need to clear security as well, so there is no upside.

Sounds a tad scary and not something I think I’d use :rofl: ; I’ve not got the option for this myself but was offered it when I called to request the option for cheque imaging, along with text chat.

Does this not mean you don’t work ? :rofl::rofl:

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@thom_horne How did you get premier thought you had to earn lots or lots of savings?

I wasn’t a Premier customer; the way my Mum and later myself was treated by Barclays was a reason my parents and I left them a few years back.

I rejoined a few years later after seeing how far the digital side of the bank had come; touch wood this time the branch staff that I have spoken to are more friendly and helpful.

As for my parents they never returned to Barclays.

Do you have chat available in the app? I’ve not seen this (on iOS).

I did however use chat on their internet banking site which didn’t resolve my problem (i was unable to set up standing orders or payments as it wasn’t turned on). They couldn’t fix it in chat for what ever reason and said to call… I called, and they fixed it in a minute.

I got a call a few days later (i assume welcome/on-boarding call) and told him about the poor result from chat, he passed it on to the guy in charge apparently, so hopefully it will improve over time.

I was quite happy with the call though, no waiting, no authentication, no 10 stage robo buttons.

Yeah, I have three options: call, chat, video call. I have always used the calling option in the past, and like you find it works very well: very short wait times, no need to answer any security questions, helpful and efficient people

But some on this forum kept going on about how the chat was far better, so I thought I’d give it a try. But I’m really not convinced. It’s just not for me.

And the video call is just pointless.

Anyway, what’s great about them is you have the choice. Unlike some banks that offer only phone banking, or only chat, with barclays you’ll surely find a way to contact them that suits you, and that’s a good thing, right.

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I’m on Android never had a problem :confused:

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Other banks will follow considering the increase Post Office Counters keep introducing. It’s just not cost effective. So remove it, or charge customers. I can’t see the high street banks wanting to charge for something that was previously free.

Plus you can still use the Post Office to withdraw cash, just not using your debit card, but instead your chequebook, which means those customers that don’t make the bank money for example Basic Account customers won’t be able to use it.

They could probably include it into there packaged accounts rather than just remove it though, encourage people to upgrade.

Whilst not totally unexpected I personally find that a big shame, as the PO is my main source of cash these days.

For now i guess I can always use one of my other cards, but I don’t really want to carry an extra card around with me.

I expect other banks will watch this closely.

In certain cases, Barclays customers who won’t have any other convenient way to withdraw money, or those deemed to be vulnerable, will be able to withdraw cash by cheque at a Post Office branch.

I would love to know more about this, if just out of curiosity: what are those cases, and how would that even work? I write a cheque to the PO and they cash it for me, hoping it won’t bounce? Surely not. And won’t it be far more expensive for Barclays to deal with all those cheques, than with debit card withdrawals? Weird…

The Post Office have a feature where cheques written to it by certain banks and companies are guaranteed by the company, so there is never a risk of it bouncing. so Barclays will be added to that list. As its illegal to write a cheque knowing you don’t have the money, committing a crime isn’t going to be something most would do, so the risk is minor.

I use cheques for my business in the Post Office and there is no need for a guarantee card or so on. They approved my account for a certain limit without payment. Small shops often do it, when they buy retail packs of stamps and so on.

Obviously there could be another arrangement with Barclays, but seems silly not to use the system the Post Office have had in place for years.


Since its only “in certain cases” they’d presumably need to know if I am one of those cases, though, wouldn’t they?

Yeah possibly, they might just use the Cheque Authority card system. But rather than issuing the card, they would add your Barclays card to the system, so the Horizon System the Post Office use would know you can withdraw using a cheque, which they do for some businesses.

Until Barclays announce it in detail though, we have no idea which system they will use. But there is a few that banks can use.

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I don’t believe that’s the case in the UK. That’s more likely a civil law matter.

I understand it is illegal to do this in France or Ireland though.

Presumably the bit that makes it illegal is that essentially it’s fraud. You’re representing that you will pay someone when you know that:

  1. The cheque won’t clear (defrauding the seller)
  2. It will clear because it’s gauranteed (fraud against the bank)

Not sure I see your point ? Unless civil courts only deal with legal matters, not illegal ones.

Committing fraud is illegal, not sure why people seem to think its not, but I will bow down to everyones superior knowledge.