Barclays Debit Card Issue

Just received this text from Barclays have tweeted them to see if it is real and ask what the issue is

Weird, I’ve not had anything from them if it helps? Please keep us updated.

I’m guessing that maybe a data breach has occurred somewhere you have used your card before?

Always remember to call the number on the back of your card or get the number from the official website.

I had this from Monzo ages ago, I asked them what it was about and they said that I had used my card In a machine that had been compromised so they were sending me a new one as a precaution.

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Not had this from my Barclays debit card either.

A couple of months ago i had this from Barclays. I didn’t really asked for explanation. They sent me a new debit card and i started using that.

This time of year fraud is rife, I’ve even had a transaction declined for security checks this morning, it happens. A simple reply to a text was all that was needed for me. Barclays is extremely proactive when it comes to fraud.

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Had this from them on Twitter

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Pretty impressive from Barclays!


I had something very similar from Natwest last year.

Barclaycard contacted me today (email/txt) to say that I getting a new card as well

No idea why…

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I’ve had similar from HSBC and virgin. Usually it’s because a range of card numbers has been susceptible to fraud so they replace

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