Barclays - Google Pay

Why in the year 2020 do they still not allow it? Their own version is garbage.

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Indeed Contactless Mobile is one of the buggiest payment systems I’ve ever used and was a major reason I switched legacy banks.

I found multiple flaws including having to login to activate the feature if you restart your phone.

I had this happen on a day my mobile provider was down and couldn’t use my device to pay at all as well as finding on parts of the DLR where to check my ticket / that I tapped in that if I lost signal and had to restart or my phone or Barclays app crashed there was no way to validate that I’d actually paid as there’s no signal which could lead someone to a penalty fare.

I had to mess around with my phone (after a crash in the Barclays app) hoping for signal so that I could tap out at Woolwich Arsenal station. (Overall most of the DLR section of that station is underground with no WiFi available.)

I brought all this up as feedback and nothing was ever done to solve any of it. I also received no satisfactory answers to what to do or how they would improve my scenarios above.

It’s obvious. They want you to use Contactless Mobile, their own solution. They have more control using this method over Google Pay.

Until Barclays get a lot of fire from Android users, like Apple fans did with Apple Pay, they won’t change their stance.

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I have just ended up using another bank for my day to day spending. I suspect others have too, it just doesn’t make any sense to opt out of something so universal. You would say they were crazy if they didn’t use visa or mastercard for their cards, in this day an age not being on google pay is equally ridiculous.


Which legacy bank did you switch to out of interest? And how do you find they compare to Barclays in terms of app features?

NatWest, they’re OK. I gained support for Google Pay, Get Cash (the ability to withdraw cash without a card at NatWest ATMs) and the ability to see my credit score in app.

Open banking is very clear and easy to setup and use and even supports Monzo which is a nice touch.

I lost the use of Pingit as they can’t seem to be able to change the account it’s linked to without a lengthy email exchange (my own laziness) but NatWest support PayM in app anyway.

I’ve also lost support for paying in cheques via app as for some reason NatWest still doesn’t support this.


Appreciate your concerns I had the same, Barclays did not care about my feedback and said they had no intentions of supporting Google Pay. So I use Curve now, it supports Google pay and I can now use Barclays without having to use their trash solution.

I did one stage further and simply CASS’d away, Contactless Mobile is dire, wouldn’t even work properly on near stock Android.

I have however after a conversation on Twitter regained access to Pingit.

Pingit is probably the best alternative to Google Pay for Barclays users if you can stomach topping it up


Topping up is long, I just use curve, it does the job Barclays insist on trying to do themselves (badly).

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