Barclays’ Megan Caywood on life after Starling and the rise of challenger banks

Slightly different perspective to the usual fintech articles.

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“It’s what we call battleships vs. speedboats,” she explains.

Hmm, like the USS Cole attack? Guess that means it’s only a year until Monzo v Starling is described as skyscrapers vs planes. Can’t help but feel there’s a better analogy she could be using.

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Reads like stealth advertising for Barclays

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To be honest I’ve not noticed any real changes since she has been there, but it’s still early days, all the things like instant notifications, account notifications were already in testing before she joined. Hopefully shes been working on back ground changes that will improve things.

Barclaycard app…

Which is now just a clone of the Barclays app.

Barclaycard has a totally different management team. Of course Megan may have input on the Barclaycard digital team, but not sure anyone has said so in the past.

The fact barclays announced before Megan joined about streamlining apps still not sure its anything to do with Megan.