Barclays premier


So, I went to branch today to deposit some cash, and was told I’m meeting the criteria for Barclays premier. No idea why as my salary is significantly below the 75k threshold and I have nowhere near 100k in savings. I asked the guy and he said “if you lead your account well for a long time we may offer it to you anyway.”

I didn’t have the time to enquire about the details at the time, but have since researched online, and I’m just wondering: is there any point in it? I think some on here have it. What are your thoughts, in actual practice?

Also, anyone knows what happens if you stop meeting their (apparently completely arbitrary) eligibility criteria?


I have it. There’s very little point in it for me. You get free entry to English Heritage sites, and I’m a bit of a history nerd, so that’s about the only thing of any real value for me. Some people would find the year’s membership of gourmet society to be valuable I guess.

Other than those two benefits, the other rewards are nothing you can’t easily get elsewhere. The customer service is friendly, but I haven’t seen any practical difference to normal service.


I have it, despite not meeting the criteria individually.

So far, the only thing I’ve made use of is the English heritage membership (saved me about 30/40 quid from memory).

They tried calling me once per month to check how I was getting on, as if id enjoy that…

I soon put a stop to that!


Is that limited in some way? I’d love that, as I’d love to interest my wife in something else than shopping for the weekend :laughing:


No limit. But it’s not as good as it first seems. They list a ton of places that you have free entry to, but the majority of them are free entry to the public anyway. In my experience, most English Heritage sites are things like sections of city walls that are maintained by English Heritage, but don’t have any staff or ticketed entry.

You do get some cool sites though - Stonehenge and St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury have been my favourites.


So, in summary Barclays premier is fairly pointless then, right?


I would say so, yeah. But it doesn’t cost anything, so if you bank with them anyway and they want to give it to you, why not? :man_shrugging:


You do get a swanky black version of the debit card or a black background (instead of blue) where the Barclays logo is on any personalised card you order though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fee free international transfers
Discount of loans and mortgages after you have been with them for a while.
All the benefits of blue rewards
£1000 a day cash machine limit
Dedicated UK call centre
Invitation to events including some big sporting fixtures

Probably more that I can’t think of at the top of my head.

I personally don’t think, that is bad, considering its free.


I’ve never had any issues with the overseas ones to be honest.

I don’t think I’d peruse gaining Premier status, it’s one of those things that I’d probably get if I was already eligible.


Neither have I, I should have just put dedicated call centre, because where its based is not relevant. But Barclays have always made a point of it being UK based for premier customers.


I guess it always depends on personal wants and needs: most of that stuff I’m either not interested in (callcenter, overdraft) or I already have elsewhere (foreign transfers).

But you do have a point of course.

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That’s enough for me :smiley:


You’d hate it.

I imagine it looked premium in 1985.

Now it looks like your Dad/Grandads debit card.


I think the whole point of Premier in the past, it was offered to current customers, you was already using Barclays, so getting all the extra things for free, made sense.

Obviously just opening a premier account, for most people there would be no point. The benefits are not amazing. But they are good if they are from the same bank you was already using and are free.


How does it compare to this one?



Purple :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Ooooooh I like it


If HSBC revamped their app to make it not trashy I would definitely sign up :joy:

Honestly though when is Starling going to offer private banking?


Private banking (unlike asset management, but like investment banking) would not work on a fintech side, since it is based on a bespoke model.

If you are using purely live chat (with no ability to call directly) model, then there really would be no point of a private banking experience.