Barclays premier


What are/were the requirements? Were they comparable to Adams or Coutts?

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I think Coutts have higher requirements than Adams, Childs, Drummond’s and Holts?


Childs if I recall correctly required £100,000 investables, both Adams and Coutts is £1,000,000 and Holts is profession-specific.

Drummonds is somewhere between the latter two and Childs (remember reading about how someone was sniffily turned down and told to apply to Childs, so I assume somewhere between £200,000–750,000)

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yes for those who don’t know Holts is specific to those in or ex Military

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re. mortgages - do they give better rates for premier clients, or is it just the £5 blue reward they pay each month?


You are offered better rates on the mortgages, but when I checked recently, they were still worse than Nationwide (amongst others).

The £5 is only if you take out a mortgage with them, and have the blue rewards (available to anyone).

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funnily enough - the just called me now for the usual monthly courtesy call. So I took the opportunity to ask them what the could do if I switched my current mortgage to them.

offerred me 1.44% two year deal, but with a fee of £995
so slightly lower deal than I get at the moment, but the fee wipes out any benefit


Depends if you can overpay on the mortgage.

Best way to do it (if you can), would be to take the deal, and then overpay the £995 straight away.

With interest rates so low, the fee only adds a tiny amount on to the mortgage over the 2 years (if you leave it that is).


So, i did upgrade yesterday on the phone. And the only comment I have so far is on the UK based callcenter:

I had a lady with such a strong Yorkshire accent I could hardly understand her. Indian accents are far easier to understand (for me anyway).

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I have a similar problem with BT. I get their Indian staff answer and I have no problems, I get some UK staff and struggle to understand them.


That makes me feel so much better! I always feel very insecure about my English in those instances, so I’m glad to see it happens to others too!


There is a danger this thread is becoming accentist. Please stick to the topic.


That’s why I like typing instead of speaking, no margin for error by accents :joy:


Barclays has 24/7 instant chat, so accents are not an issue plus you have it all in text and a copy of what was said.

I would have thought in this day and age text would be the first choice of people, rather than picking up a phone.

Barclays premier also has dedicated 24/7 chat, without the need for you to have to log into online banking or the app, and if you search the barclays website for the number for premier you would have been presented with the instant chat option.

However I don’t think the fact its a UK call centre or abroad has any relevance to banking and how good it is. How often do people actually have to contact the bank.

I want good customer service and Barclays offer that, although I nearly always use the chat option. Because I like having a record.


To be fair, I’m from the South West and my accent only becomes normal once I’ve had at least 7 pints of scrumpy :crazy_face:


I don’t drink and can confirm my South West accent is never normal :frowning:


I guess I’m a bit strange in that I actually like talking. Belive it or not, I’m one of the few people in this day and age that actually use their phone for phone calls :slight_smile: also with family and friends I far prefer calls over chats…

I find that issues generally get sorted out quicker if you actually talk (as long as you are not kept in a queue for ever).

I do prefer chat if I know or believe I’d be kept in a queue for more than 5 min on the phone, but if I know or suspect the phone will be answered almost immediately, then I prefer to call. But I also know that I’m the exception in that, particularly in my age group.

As for the UK based callcenter: I really couldn’t care less where a callcenter is based. From experience everyone at Barclays has always been able to solve whatever issue I was having efficiently and politely. And I just don’t care whether they do that from Yorkshire, India or the moon, nor what sort of accent they speak (as long as I can understand it).


I thought I was the only person left who preferred calling. :smiley:

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I tend to use online live chat. I cannot stand talking to customer service people and I’m sure most of them are very nice. The main reason for me using live chat is as has already been mentioned, you actually have a record of the conversation which has proved useful on more than one occasion with broadband providers for instance. I rarely answer my personal mobile phone as it is, the only exceptions being immediate family or very good friends. Everyone else I just ignore. I’ve even disabled my voicemail.