Barclays premier

That’s why I like typing instead of speaking, no margin for error by accents :joy:

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Barclays has 24/7 instant chat, so accents are not an issue plus you have it all in text and a copy of what was said.

I would have thought in this day and age text would be the first choice of people, rather than picking up a phone.

Barclays premier also has dedicated 24/7 chat, without the need for you to have to log into online banking or the app, and if you search the barclays website for the number for premier you would have been presented with the instant chat option.

However I don’t think the fact its a UK call centre or abroad has any relevance to banking and how good it is. How often do people actually have to contact the bank.

I want good customer service and Barclays offer that, although I nearly always use the chat option. Because I like having a record.


To be fair, I’m from the South West and my accent only becomes normal once I’ve had at least 7 pints of scrumpy :crazy_face:

I don’t drink and can confirm my South West accent is never normal :frowning:

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I guess I’m a bit strange in that I actually like talking. Belive it or not, I’m one of the few people in this day and age that actually use their phone for phone calls :slight_smile: also with family and friends I far prefer calls over chats…

I find that issues generally get sorted out quicker if you actually talk (as long as you are not kept in a queue for ever).

I do prefer chat if I know or believe I’d be kept in a queue for more than 5 min on the phone, but if I know or suspect the phone will be answered almost immediately, then I prefer to call. But I also know that I’m the exception in that, particularly in my age group.

As for the UK based callcenter: I really couldn’t care less where a callcenter is based. From experience everyone at Barclays has always been able to solve whatever issue I was having efficiently and politely. And I just don’t care whether they do that from Yorkshire, India or the moon, nor what sort of accent they speak (as long as I can understand it).


I thought I was the only person left who preferred calling. :smiley:

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I tend to use online live chat. I cannot stand talking to customer service people and I’m sure most of them are very nice. The main reason for me using live chat is as has already been mentioned, you actually have a record of the conversation which has proved useful on more than one occasion with broadband providers for instance. I rarely answer my personal mobile phone as it is, the only exceptions being immediate family or very good friends. Everyone else I just ignore. I’ve even disabled my voicemail.

So, coming back to Barclays Premier:

I got Premier on the 15th and was told at the time that I should receive my Premier card within the next few days.

I haven’t received one until today, so I call them, and they tell me that no, in order to get the premier card I need to apply for it, which involves a further credit check. (That’s after disappearing for half an hour while I’m on the line to see why I was upgraded to Premier, given my income is quite a bit below the 75k threshold.)

Then finally go through the credit check (just why you need to do a credit check in order to get a card is beyond me, and they couldn’t tell either) which gets referred to the team, because, and I quote, “someone performed a credit check on you in the last couple of weeks” - you credit checked me yourselves 2 weeks ago as part of the upgrade process, you morons.

Suffice it to say: I’m more than a little annoyed with them at the moment…

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I was surprised when I was credit checked as well - I wondered if it had anything to do with the fee free overdraft (unless that’s separate?)

No. That’s separate and it’s what I was credit searched for two weeks ago.

All seems a bit weird…

I just had the one credit check, and the card was automatically issued?

But I was a new customer, not an existing customer looking to upgrade.

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My parents were both Premier customers; up until the point that both my mother and then a few weeks later I was fairly badly disrespected by branch staff seperately in different locations. (I’ve mostly found that branch staff have always been pretty poor with Barclays.)

I think the fact that their personal banker kept calling them and hassling was a sticking point too; all they wanted was the free breakdown cover that they were verbally promised with the account. (Ironically it turned out that it wasn’t a thing after all that. :rofl:)

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Possibly. It’s all very weird. She also told me that if I’d wait until my current card expires I’d automatically get a premier card, too - without further credit check.

It really makes no sense at all.

I’ve always had good experience with their staff branch.

Luck of the draw I guess?

Some have been truly amazing, I’ll admit. When trying to sign up and remove Pingit limits as a non-Barclays customer, they took it on as a challenge and a learning curve and followed the issue through to its conclusion which was nice.

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I applied for Barclays Premier online and they send me a letter last week to call a number to discuss so I called.
It took about 15 minutes to go through all the checks which involved income details etc. I was told its all good and I can expect a new card in 5 days which arrived today. Premier app started working for me over the weekend I used it to get access to an English Heritage site.

I have not checked my credit report to see if there’s an additional check but I will have a look. My experience was really positive to be honest although it’s not much use to me other than English Heritage a couple of times a year and maybe Pizza Express discount on Gourmet Society.

So, I called them back to enquire why a second credit check was needed. I was simply asking. Not in any way saying I was annoyed, just wanted to ask.

They told me they’d need to look into it and get back to me within the next two days.

A few hours later I get a call from the complaints department, regarding the complaint I had raised. I really didn’t intend to raise a complaint, as despite being annoyed I didn’t feel it really deserved a complaint. And neither the call handler I spoke to earlier, nor I had mentioned anything about a complaint.

Anyway, I went with it, and was told that a credit check was needed as the card allowed you to withdraw up to 1k, and that they had performed only a soft credit check. In order to close this complaint she’d like to offer me £60 as compensation for the distress and inconvenience they caused me. She couldn’t explain why you need a credit check if you manually order the card, but not if you get it automatically upon renewal (I suspect they might well automatically run a soft check in that case? I don’t know).

Anyway, I have to say: They are very good at dealing with complaints - even if you didn’t intend to file a complaint!


Unintended switching bonus / welcoming gift? :rofl:


And - drumroll - today I received some post for my new premier account. It’s a …
… cheque book

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have absolutely no idea why they felt the need to send me a cheque book - my previous cheque book (which I ordered in 2017 because my son’s school wanted payment by cheque) has never been used. (By the time the cheque book finally arrived the school had arrived in the 21st century and was accepting card payments.) But I guess now I have two brand new unused cheque books.

I guess I can use them to light the BBQ on Saturday …

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This is discrimination!

I don’t have a chequebook…

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