Best bank?

Which bank would you recommend to someone or if you have more than one list in order?

What do they want from their bank?

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Barclays Barclays and Barclays

Definitely the best app of the established banks.

New bank wise starling is free for everything so good.


I can second Barclays very good app and also show barclaycard in the same app if u have one


I have starling, Monzo and Bank of Scotland but I don’t completely trust starling and Monzo YET because of it being online only and Bank of Scotland customer service is poor, so looking to move accounts! Just want to see what everyone recommends, I have looked at Barclays since I do have a Barclaycard

Going to recommend Starling regardless then kek


As @dudesuper1982 says if you have a Barclaycard then you can view it in your Barclays app, so you are not actually really increasing the apps you need as such. With the current account switch service now in the Barclays app, its really simple to switch as well. If you want to keep your Bank of Scotland account you can view that in your Barclays app.


If I were you, I’d look at CASSing to Barclays for £168 or to RBS for £150.

Then get a Starling account to try out and for cheap overseas.


To whom should I address the invoice? :yum:


Well, just CASS’d my Monzo over to RBS, cheers :wink:

You did? Really?

100% unironically did so, why wouldn’t I accept free £150 :thinking:

That pays off my Nationwide overdraft :wink:

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Marvellous :+1:

How many accounts do yous have? I really want to cut down on my accounts! Should I have everything with one bank?

Presuming you mean me I’m cutting down at the minute, a lot.

I have at this second:

  • Monzo
  • Starling
  • Nationwide FlexStudent
  • Dozens
  • HyperJar
  • Pingit
  • Metro Bank (which I want to close, tbh, but they have good opening hours!)
  • Revolut
  • HSBC
  • N26
  • TransferWise

I’m killing HSBC as we speak, Monzo is scheduled to die, Dozens is cool so I just keep the card in an old wallet and wait for it to mature, Metro is getting killed at some point, N26 is getting killed in April, TransferWise card is probably getting killed at some point, but I’m waiting to see their new UX/UI

Within the last year I’ve closed:

  • Monzo
  • TSB
  • RBS
  • Yonda
  • a few others I can’t remember the names of
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Can I ask why you have so many? How many are you hoping to be left with? Monzo has been getting bad reviews lately so that might be my next closure

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This forum is a rabbit hole and I felt the innate need to be as educated as I could be about every fintech discussed here

Probably hoping to cut down to:

  • Nationwide
  • HyperJar or Pingit (probably HyperJar)
  • Revolut
  • Starling
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Barclays app is good but too many outages.
Like now:


Barclays don’t support Google Pay so it’s a no from me.


I really like the Bank of Scotland app just there customer service is bad but I’m very rarely in a branch to be honest to deal with that! Should I have everything in one bank?