Best FinTech app for ISA

Looking to open a stocks and shares ISA account but would like to have a mobile app to log into to view portfolio etc. Anyone recommend a good FinTech for this.

P.S. Would be a bonus if they offered sustainable investing!

T212 is the best in Europe by a long way, large amount of stocks or ETFs to pick from. It’s a case of find the ESG / SRI or make a request for it to be added.

I use the android app and its slick.

No fees for either maintaining the ISA or for buying and selling which is ace. Beats the £10+ a pop of HL/AJ Bell legacies.

Anyone wants the referral link to get a free share (anything between £1-100) then message me :wink:


FreeTrade offers an ISA at £3/month. Not sure if Tickr does an ISA but they’re all about sustainable investing

Tickr does ISA and Junior ISA. It’s a case of paying a month fee and picking a theme.

It’s a wrapper to underlying ESG / SRI products from providers like L&G.

All good if you don’t want to do the buying and selling yourself or picking specific stocks/ETFs.

Freetrade I cannot recommend at all. :-1:

What happened to tickr doing their own products?

I have an ISA with T212.
Would personally choose them over Free trade.

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I use MoneyBox.

But this might look better!?

The best app is probably HL.

The best app in combination with things like fees etc for frequent low value investing outside of FTSE 350 is probably T212

Clim8 Invest has caught my eye. They haven’t launched just yet but looks like the offer s&s ISA and focus on sustainable investing, hence the name. Any of you heard of this company before or any recommendations about them?

Depending on the amounts you want to invest I would say:
Trading 212 for small values,
HL for larger amounts

If going for an ETF in an ISA then Trading 212 would be my suggestion

thanks, @Flathman, but I am leaning towards the sustainable investing route and like that Clim8 Invest solely focus on this. Have you come across any that do similar?

T212, Freetrade, HL, Vanguard, etc. They all do sustainable funds. Clim8 isnt selling anything unique except for packaging up some funds for you, usually for a higher fee.

The ‘fintech’ investment platforms all seem to have a common problem in that they offer less while charging more and hiding what your investing in behind some simplified front.

You’re probably wanting to look at ESG or SRI funds which you might be able to use this site to search and research the funds your interested in

By sustainable investing i presume you mean just renewable energy?

As @Eden has suggested it is possible to invest in Renewable Energy without using a service that only does that, while charging you a higher fee to be in one of their proprietary funds.

There are lots of different ETFs out there that focus on renewable energy [here is a list of some examples:]

You could also invest in renewable energy companies directly or companies that own renewable energy assets, like The Renewable Infrastructure Group (who own various renewable energy assets) or Greencost UK Wind (who invest in specific assets).

Please do your own research though :slight_smile:


@Flathman thank you and great link! Do you currently invest in renewable energy, if so, how if your portfolio performing, if you don’t mind me asking?

I have a small amount in a few funds including UKW & iShares Global Clean Energy among others. I also have some money in bonds for small solar companies.

Renewable doesn’t necessarily mean ethical or responsible though. Worth thinking about.


I have a small position in the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF too - it’s performed very well for me in terms of bouncing back from the March COVID crash (I’m currently up 30%). I invest in it through Trading 212, which is what I’d recommend to you since its ISA has no fees (unlike Freetrade), and I don’t see the point in you paying extra for a dedicated ‘ethical’ investing platform when you could have access to probably all of the same funds through a general service like T212 but without the platform fees that cash in on the ‘socially responsible investing’ image.

Very good point! While I’d bet that on average a renewable energy company is going to be more socially responsible than an oil company, it’s important not to conflate the two.

@Edenvery true - “Renewable doesn’t necessarily mean ethical or responsible though”.

@Lonford how does T212 make money? Sometimes for the non-savvy investor an out of the box portfolio, might be easier for a user so the main concern is cleaner investing and is not investment savvy? :man_shrugging:

There’s discussion on their community

Not sure what’s the latest though.

So in short, get you hooked on the platform and then pull the trigger and charge fees in the future.

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To be honest they’ve been operating for quite a while now (and profitable for the past 15 years) and have the most advanced free feature set out of all of the UK investing apps, with new features (eg AutoInvest and Pies) in active development, and all without currently monetising access to the platform. I see platforms like Freetrade as the fee-centric alternatives, along with of course the traditional brokers (HL and the like, the banks, and even Vanguard) which charge platform fees and/or dealing fees. So from an affordability point of view, T212 is the way to go. Vanguard’s own platform is also great value though, since their platform fees are very low (0.15% capped at £375pa) and they have no dealing fees.

Even if T212 do begin charging for advanced features in the future (which they don’t necessarily have to since their success with CFDs means they aren’t reliant on fees to turn a profit (unlike Freetrade for example)), I’m certain that their free service will be far superior to the current alternatives. And if my prediction is wrong, you can easily transfer a S&S ISA to another provider - although you may (will?) have to sell your positions and re-buy them on the new platform.