Best FinTech app for ISA

T212 make their money on the spread in CFD and also from share lending.

Both of these allow the Invest and ISA to be free. They have mentioned they have no plans to charge for this and as @Lonford mentioned been running successfully for over a decade.

They have released their beta of the new platform they are building and have announced recently of an advanced view and that again it will be free. They have also mentioned when pre and after hours trading is added to invest/ISA that will be free too.

The only mentioned item that would be a paid option when available would be L2 and tape access, and that’s due to the significant cost for them to license. At the moment no UK broker offers free access.

T212 are essentially using IB as a platform underneath so they are using their API.

Freetrade on the other hand are doing it themselves connecting with the exchanges APIs. They haven’t built a CFD platform so need to charge customers a fee to support the business.

They plan to offer ISA, access to a wider range of stocks, and limit and stop orders for £9.99 a month. All the same stuff T212 has had for years for free.

Freetrade is adequate for the casual retail investor who doesn’t really want to get involved, they can buy some shares and peak at it now and then making sure the wiggly charts are going upwards. Instead of paying £3 you could do the same in T212 but see the actual ask not the last trade and have access to far better charts and a huge range of choice. :man_shrugging:


Very interesting! I never knew there were such differences in how T212 and FT run their services and connect with markets.

I think your last paragraph encapsulates it perfectly…

For me (and I imagine 99% of casual investors too) T212 is the obvious choice. Their business model is much more attractive: I don’t touch CFDs and their ‘advanced’ features are well beyond what I need, so I envisage always having everything I could possibly want for free with them - which is absolutely perfect! Freetrade on the other hand have very different standards when it comes to what features are ‘sophisticated enough’ to be paywalled (instant trades only recently became free!) - and I would be able to sympathise with this if their stock catalogue wasn’t significantly smaller than T212’s, their app UI (inc. charts) wasn’t considerably less insightful than T212’s, they had a web interface like T212, and they weren’t haemorrhaging VC funding like nobody’s business (and that’s coming from one of their crowdfunding investors! :grimacing:)

As an aside, one thing that shocked me when I first tried out FT after using T212 was how long-winded the process of adding funds was - it was painfully slow compared to depositing in seconds using Apple Pay in T212. I’ve just seen that FT have finally added an Apple Pay deposit option, but with a ‘lifetime limit’ of £1,000! Seriously!?

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lol if it was a £1000 a month you might go ok that’s fine for most. But a lifetime :rofl:

The other key thing I don’t like about FT purely from a business pov is how they treat their staff and the CMO is a complete knob.

The app looks “pretty” is it’s only feature.

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I don’t know how they thought this was an acceptable limit! Hopefully they’ll gradually increase it over time to something a little less outrageous.

Do tell more! Which one is the CMO?

Spot on, and I think tbh this is what draws in a significant chunk of their customer base - the pretty minimalist design gives the impression that it’ll make trading simpler, when it’ll actually just lead to more poorly informed trading decisions! ‘Less is more’ is all well and good, but they’ve taken it too far for a trading app imho.

I do currently invest in The Renewables Infrastructure Group, Greencoat energy, and some ETFs.

I have only held these positions for a short time so I can’t really comment (they are all within a couple of percentage points of purchase price).

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I opened a FT account to get a freeshare and I was surprised at how bad I found the UI.

The charts in my app change the scale of the y-axis (%age change) so that sometimes I am looking at a chart with a scale of 0.7% and othertimes I’ve seen it at 0.9%. It makes it very difficult to compare different charts.

I thought that the UI would be it’d redeeming feature, but it doesn’t seem to be

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I have just started using Trading212 and I must admit, I’m finding it quite fun.
If anyone has any advice on how to make the experience better, I would very much appreciate it :grin:

Be boring and you’re less likely to lose all your money :smile:

Seriously though, If you’ve not invested before you might want to slow down and take your time


I’m not expecting to make my fortune, just have a play at share trading.

The amounts of money I’m playing with is fairly insignificant
If I can make beer money, then I’ll be happy :grin: :grin: :grin:

I use Trading 212 and there is a feature available called ‘Pies’. I had to opt into this on their own forum a few months ago (they may have rolled it out as standard by now though).

You can set allocations for specific stocks/ funds and then set-up an auto-invest deposit. The app will try to keep to the allocations as you desposit.

I think fairly standard to most apps, but it took me a little while the find the price alert feature. You can set it up so that the app will put an order to buy/sell when a price reaches a certain threshold too.

As others have said though, be sure to do research etc before investing

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