Bip Credit?

So, i have noticed alot of advertising for Bip Credit on Facebook. Has anyone got it yet or know anything about it?

As I’ve personally never heard of them before and I don’t use FB, I just looked at their website:

And I’ve just read the bottom of their page and the provider is NewDay Cards Ltd


Same provider as Amazon’s Mastercard.

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This is a red flag to me. I’ve had two cards issued by NewDay in the past and customer service was difficult to deal with. Perhaps I’m just unlucky though.

No card and 30% APR. Seems a bit rubbish other than the lack of Forex fees. Doesn’t seem to be any unique USP?

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I have an Aqua Reward card with them and I’ve found the service OK on the few times I have had to speak to them.

Before they added the feature to their app to report travel, I phoned them to say I’d be travelling and ask them to put a note on my account and I spoke to cheerful and polite staff both times, with minimal hold time beforehand. They were very quick and efficient, and ended by wishing me a nice trip; it was actually quite professional.

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Can echo your concerns with NewDay support, but at least they’re making their processes more techy

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Yes, hopefully this is a test of new technology which they will look to introduce to all their brands eventually.