Bitcoin, Your Thoughts


What are your thoughts on Bitcoin and other digital currencies? Have you got any and how do you store it?

Just a question as I was researching Bitcoin earlier and wondered if anyone else here had ventured into it.

(Dan Mullen) #2

I dabbled a bit but ended up getting out - it’s too volatile.

My big regret is not speculating on Bitcoin much earlier - I had a conversation with a colleague a number of years ago about BTC when it was worth less than a dollar. We discussed putting a couple of hundred quid in each but ended up not doing it. If we had, my £200 would have been worth over £2m last Christmas! :sleepy:


I think a lot of us have that regret. I know I cashed my original investment out way too soon!

(Kevyn) #4

I have about £1,000 of XRP (Ripple) right now. I think its really one of the few which could possibly move like Bitcoin did. However, I’ve written off this investment in order to forget about it and not to feel bad when I probably will lose it all.

(Liam) #5

I’m in the same boat. Though it’s probably safe to say my £3.35 worth has less chance of keeping me awake at night.

(Kevyn) #6

I read a BBC (I think) article at the height of the Bitcoin boom of a kid who had invested $1,000 on 800 Bitcoin and was a little bit richer. As I missed that bus, I thought if my £1k pays off, it could help sort out my retirement. If not, well like any gamble, it was worth a punt.

I really see it as dead money - like you would feel about the cost after a holiday, just without any fun, nice memories or experiences.


It’s a bit of an asset bubble.

I’m cynical. Some fascinating underlying technologies and a lot of noise.

Quite liked this testimony to the Treasury Select Committee:

(Liam) #8

What a difference a year makes…

In other news, would anybody like to buy some tulip bulbs?


If everything crashes there are no computers to access crypto :rofl: (it’s Friday. Give me it)


Well, I didn’t exactly have the Book of Revelation in my mind when I wrote that! :joy: