Blogger Scams

Interesting example I saw today of how supposedly-independent bloggers (who are really relying on Curve referrals to get paid) can happily ignore Curve’s foreign fees (up to 4.5%) in an attempt to get their readers to sign up… be careful out there, normal people expecting some sort of journalistic ethics will be getting taken advantage of.

This is the kind of thing that’s got the ‘lifestyle vloggers’ on instagram and youtube in trouble.

Where there’s any form of commercial relationship they really should be signposting it.

Maybe the ASA would be interested.

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Not sure I was aware of a 4.5% fee. What is it for? I know if you use it abroad and go over the card limits you get charged 2% or if you use it at weekends it’s 1.5%.

Think I meant 3.5% :slight_smile: but I’m not a financial blogger! The two fees are cumulative - so foreign use on a weekend costs 3.5% over your £500 limit. Very easy to do when you check out of a hotel to fly home before work on a Monday!

5.5% if you include cash withdrawals in countries where cash is prevalent and go over your limit