Bounce Back Loans

I don’t know how many business users use this forum, but I’m just interested in experiences in the BBL scheme and how people have got on?

Naturally, not interested in specifics which could be confidential to your business, but just your experience and outcome.

We applied with Starling last week on Monday, and have nothing but praise for the whole situation. But judging by Twitter, not everyone is being as successful for whatever reason.

I’m also aware the whole issue with Barclays (which made BBC news last week), but I’m hoping there’s some success in there somewhere?

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Applied with starling, funds hit account 7 hours later. Incredible.
I think most of those moaning on twitter have applied to multiple banks simultaneously, if you check their other posts they’re moaning at NatWest etc as well.


As far as im aware Starling and other banks have no real reason to deny these loans, so as far as I can guess the people who are being denied are being denied for a reason.

That said, your experience with staling seems to reflex what ive seen others say, quite speedy and easy to get through.

(I wonder if it counts towards the 900 million (?) business loans they were meant to be giving out by a set date)

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In all fairness, I applied at around 10am, and the funds were in the account by 3pm. I really can’t fault that.

I’m guessing the same though @Eden in that there much be a reason for them to decline it. I’ve seen tweets claiming Starling have run out of money. Not sure how possible that even is given the nature of it, let alone if there’s any truth in it.

NatWest I’ve heard have been slow - seen reports of 7+ days, similar to Barclays. Not sure about HSBC and the likes.

Are Monzo involved? I know Tide and Capital On Tap are.

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I think if they’d ran out of money it would be pretty obvious.

Monzo aren’t involved, which is a little odd. They do have business accounts now?

The list of banks are here

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And check #starlingscam on Twitter… A lot of declined…

The loans are fully backed by the government and have no criteria besides “this business is legit as far as you’ve seen, right?”

Any that are being declined are being declined for a reason - people are just turning Starling into a hashtag because it doesn’t have the brand awareness of other banks (meaning they’re hoping they can guilt them to do less checks)

People like to complain. Some of the tweets are clearly wrong or in anger of being rejected and giving out bad info.

Not like it’s just starling, people are saying the exact same thing with Barclays. ‘I have a legitimate profitable business I meet the criteria but was rejected’ or people accusing Barclays of lying and deliberately trying to cripple businesses by rejecting loans.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if starling get a higher percentage of failed applications because it’s easier to open an account.

What’s interesting to me is how impatient people have become. Wait more than a few hours and people are complaining they haven’t had an immediate answer. Used to be you’d apply to a bank and wait a week for a letter.

Seems as well that people have been opening sole trading accounts at Staling at such a volume they’ve had to close Bank account applications until June.

Unfortunately very true!

Yea, I agree here. We wouldn’t have gone under by Friday, let alone Monday afternoon, if Starling didn’t pay out. I’m grateful that they did, but I honestly didn’t expect a reply that quick.


Yeah, I mean I don’t underestimate that people need these loans, but if this was just a couple of decades ago there would be a queue out the bank to hand in your paper loan application then a 3 week wait for an answer then a 1 week wait for the money. And we’d all be ‘yeah seems about right’

I’m amazed at how speedy it’s been from application to receipt of money for what appears to be most people.


There is a list of criteria for the Bounce Back Loans here.

The “main account” criterion seems slippery. I can’t see how a business that has just opened an account could claim it was the main account, unless perhaps they’d just switched their account from somewhere else.

Starling rejected my application, I use the account, currently have a few thousand sitting in the account, thousands go through the account, so the rejection is not based on account usage. I’m not bothered actually, I assume it’s based on my risk profile and they did do credit checks.

I know I can get it elsewhere but applied to starling because I have a very active business account with them

I’ve not complained anywhere because nothing to complain about banks have the right to reject loans.

However I don’t think they have the right to reject without a reason, but I’ll let Martyn Lewis sort that out.

Stats from starling


Or you would have an appointment with a bank manager (who would ‘know you’), make an immediate decision and you’d have access to the funds immediately

I don’t believe those are valid grounds for rejecting a bounce back loan.

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It’s been a long time since anything like that happened for general customers.

Very strange, I don’t know why they would reject you - it shouldn’t be linked to credit worthiness as it’s backed by the Government, so I would certainly stick in a complaint as you’re a long-time customer.

Their rush to launch this means they seem to have also misunderstood which firms are eligible for a loan - different companies with a common director are allowed. Will be interesting to see how long it takes Starling to implement a fix.

Anne answered some questions about declined applications:

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Is it just me or is the site not loading for this link?

And to be fair, her long post on this basically said “we’re doing this stupidly fast for us, things are going to break along the way, so we’ll have to fix them as we go”.

I’d expect them to be looking very closely at rejections and maybe even inviting some to try again if there have been issues…