"Branching out"?

Came across this on Facebook this morning. Interesting move. Really steps away from the “app-only” approach they’ve always promoted.

What are everyone’s thoughts?


Wow. Now, that is a surprise.

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I see that too and was surprised myself.

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Do they mean a physical branch though? I assumed it was a play on words of some sort. I’d be very surprised if they are referring to an actual branch.


The thought did cross my mind, but not sure what else they could be suggesting?

But if their plan was to get people talking, then I guess it worked! :man_shrugging:

We told you we’re #BranchingOut. And we are…

Every time you refer a friend, Starling will plant a tree. Just another way we’re changing banking for good.

We’ve partnered with Trillion Trees, a joint venture for forest protection made up of three of the world’s largest conservation organisations: BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

More to come very soon! Oh sorry, did you think we meant something else? :smirk:



Well that’s positive I guess! Too early in the morning for me to see through these things :sweat_smile:

I can’t believe the anger on twitter when people thought they might be opening a physical branch.


Quite :joy:.

The Starling team will have been thoroughly enjoying the flurry of activity. A real branch, indeed - I mean - really !!!


I wouldn’t be angry, I don’t see the point of it though and assumed a play on words or maybe a digital branch via the homepage concept.

I guess the Virgin Money lounges are nice as a concept but overall it’s not at all needed and an extra cost for little.

I can get behind planting trees however. :grinning:


Seems to be a lot of angry people.

You’re planting trees? That makes me so angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.


£3 donation, which is then tax-deductible (I presume) - not exactly the most generous scheme

Prices per tree range from £0.20 to around £9, depending on the project, so I wonder if they’re donating to a specific project.

Looks like they are donating to the Reforest Fund


We welcome the support of companies and individuals. With your support:

  • £3 could plant one tree (and ensure it is looked after and able to grow into the future).
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Seems like a reasonably expensive tree they’re planting tbh, 0.20 being the cheapest then I’m sure there’s quite a few that are £1-2 so maybe it’s more like 1-2 trees per account :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just a good thing…:blush:


Team trees did it for $1 a tree but they were planting 20 million of them so they had economy of scale on their side

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I’m a bit confused. Are they donating to WWF who are then in turn funding trillion trees with said donation?

What’s the actual flow here?

I do like the WWF, but don’t they have discretion over how that £3 is used, so may not be used to plant a tree? It just happens that £3 is the equivalent to the cost of the WWF planting a tree?

The whole thing is a partnership. WWF just handles the money, I think.

Yes, they don’t guarantee that the money will go towards one tree, but, as that’s their raison d’etre, there will be some tree at the end of it :joy: