British Banking Awards 2020

Starling have won best bank, best current account and best business account at the British Banking Awards tonight.

Monzo won best app, Freetrade won best trading platform and Wealthify won best investment platform.


Well done to all of them :grin: :+1:

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Congrats to Starling! That’s fantastic news. It’s still too early in the morning I suppose, as they haven’t updated their website yet.

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A couple of small surprises (to me at least)

  • Best FX provider: WeSwap
    I would have thought Revolut would have been a real contender.

  • Best credit card provider: Virgin Money
    I would have expected this to have gone to one of the larger institutions, but well done to them for taking on the big boys and coming out on top.

I think Virgin have won that award a few times now. Not sure why, clearly they don’t take the app into account!

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Regarding the Virgin Credit Card app, I couldn’t agree more, it is truly dire. I’ve only got a couple of months left interest free remaining on the card, it’s nearly paid off and then I’ll be retiring it.


Might be useful recategorising this to just “banking” as it isn’t Starling specific

Fair point. Done.

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