British Irish Dialect Quiz

(Richard) #1

Bit of fun on a Friday and have to say… spot on for me!



I think mine is fairly accurate, I’m born and bred in Hertfordshire


Interesting (and interesting it’s an NYT article).

Mine puts me in a corridor between Oxford, Reading and Portsmouth. Not bad, I was raised in Essex, Surrey and Hampshire, but mostly Farnborough.


I guess I sound weird :laughing:


Das ist nicht gut.

(sam) #6

The maps didn’t load at the end for me
Can’t be bothered to do it again. I did a similar test a few years ago and it got it correct down to the town.

(Dan Mullen) #7

Mine didn’t load either :slightly_frowning_face:

(Liam) #8

Mine was not far off…



Mine hasn’t loaded :sob:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #10

I grew up about 25 miles north west of London. So it was pretty spot on for me


Since coming here I’ve learnt a lot of the words I’ve been using my whole life aren’t actually words :joy:


That’s a great quiz and absolutely bang on right…

(Dave) #13

That was fun. It was spot on right down to displaying the town for me. We do have a distinctive dialect where I am from though :slight_smile:

(Adrian) #14

Didn’t take a screenshot but mine was pretty accurate. I think barm gave me away…


They could have literally had one question for most people…

What is the proper name for a bread roll?

And yes, it’s a bread roll - Not any of these ridiculous names you other folk come up with :joy:

(Dan Mullen) #16

It’s a bun! Hipsters don’t put their hair in a “man-roll”! :wink:


Haha! That’s the worst argument ever! :joy:

Are you saying the “man bun” is designed to look like a bread bun, hence the name?

If that’s true - My life has been one big lie!

(Dan Mullen) #18




Ah, but now we are into “iced bun” territory - A whole new ball game.

In your example, I’ll concede that “roll” doesn’t work.

“Excuse me whilst I sort my man roll” will get you a day in prison…

(Manda) #20

Mine was accurate coming up with Reading.