Broken Avatars

Is anybody else just seeing broken images instead of avatars for some users?

From memory these users had just left the default letter avatars…

Yep, I thought it was just an issue with my web browser.

I see nothing

We had the same issue on another Discourse forum recently. @Liam - a server restart fixed it, but an app rebuild may be needed.

Same here, only on my laptop though, not in my phone.

I can see them fine

Yes, mine is missing as are some other people’s.

Yup - this is an issue that recently affected the Discourse forums I run. The solution was to restart the Docker container. See:


The forums were overdue a maintenance window. I’ve been putting off a software update for much of the last week.

I’ve upgraded the software this morning and as a result the server has been restarted a couple of times.

Should be A-OK now.