Bunq Thread

Do any of you have a Bunq account? If so could you shoot me an invite link the next time they do the free “premium” account deals :wink:

I’d also like to know what exactly draws you to Bunq - I can’t see many benefits aside from the community seeming to be pretty nice as well as the constant updates on a fixed schedule. Maybe NL IBAN if they do IBAN discrimination

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Feel-good politics.

Maestro card. I’ll activate my card when I need it.

I refuse to pay 7.99€ a month for an account I’d only use abroad :pensive: the cards were very high quality while I was on the Premium trial though!

Have you actually got a card then? Surely you just do what I’d imagine most bunq customers outside the Eurozone do; get a card, deactivate it when you don’t need it, then reactivate it when you do. That’s what I do, I only pay for it when I actually want to use it?

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Closed my account and binned the card :joy: I come from a very conservative area and the fact that the card is rainbow coloured might have my thrown out of my house


Quite. I just decided not to reply. :see_no_evil:


Personally I hate the look of the card. It looks cheap. That’s why while I was on trial, I added the Apple Pay option (via workarounds) then stored the card in the drawer. The Apple Pay look of the card is much better.

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Only a very minor issue in the grand scheme of things but some very ugly implementation of Apple Pay in the wallet by bunq. The tops of the word ‘credit’ visible and the bottom of the Mastercard logo cut off.

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I am pretty excited

This is presumably why they’ve just switched on Apple Pay out of nowhere then!

But… they already ship to the UK as is

Like, what’s new now they’ve launched?

We shall see, I suppose!

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One point of difference to its competitors is that bunq will just run euro accounts, targeting users who often spend money abroad.

This is going to be the N26 debacle all over again – failure to adapt to the local market.

I hope not!

The only quote I could find was this

“We’re very excited to launch in the United Kingdom,” says bunq’s founder and CEO Ali Niknam. “In true startup spirit we’re keen to learn how to make life easy for our British users.”

It’s not going to succeed in the UK due to one simple thing. You have to get a sub to spend your money. There are other things too like not able to use the card in the UK without going through EUR -> GBP exchange for every transaction.

Not to mention their cards look fugly.

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A fee charging Euro account, when its competing with the likes of Starling, Revolut and Transferwise all offering fee free Euro accounts. Yes I can see Bunq doing very well.

All they need now is a Plus programme and they’re on the road to success.

I received this yesterday and was actually impressed. I’m sure 10% isn’t exactly groundbreaking and possibly available elsewhere, but compared to the Monzo Plus offers it seemed like a step in the right direction. Perhaps Monzo could have done something like this as a part of their Traveller bundle; a tie in with someone to get reduced entry or a Citymapper Pass or something, anything that’s related directly to the bundle theme.