Business account overdrafts

(Dan Mullen) #1

Starling have just released an updated app for Android - not sure about iOS. We now have overdrafts for business accounts!

What’s new:

  • We’re now offering Starling for Business overdrafts! You’ll be offered one in-app if you’re eligible, so just accept it if you’re interested.
  • You can now hide any loans you’ve been declined for, plus you’ll be able to see any loan images you’ve added in your scheduled payments list.
  • Our Business Marketplace is live and kicking! New partners are incoming ahem-Xero so watch this space.
  • Finally – we’ve launched deposits and withdrawals at the Post Office, so we’ve updated your app’s FAQs.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #2

Nothing on iOS yet that I can see


Interesting update. I think this may help entice quite a few businesses to Starling, especially with the Xero integration.

However, I notice their FAQ in app says they don’t offer business overdrafts…

(Feff) #4

I didn’t get offered an overdraft (no surprise there) but I do have access to the Marketplace for my business account :smiley: not much to report at the moment - Flux and Tail as loyalty attached to the business cards and an insurance provider for now…