Business bank account for Crypto sales

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Good luck. You misspelt business.


Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Also wishing you good luck, may I ask why you’re not taking debit or credit card payments? :thinking:

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thanks Recchan really appreciate it! and Maby in the future i’ll add Debit and credit card payments but for now its only “Bank Transfer” “Cash in person” “Cash by Mail” and “CashApp”

Would you be able to tell me your company name and registration number?

Website lists 7263891 but I’m not seeing anything on Companies House

Check back in 24/48 hours it will show on companies house
(7163891) not (7263891) mistyped sorry and i just registered it a few mins ago

i found a bank called Enumis! once my bussiness is registered they’ll be able to provide me a bussiness bank account to use for this bussiness YESSS!

I, like many people am slightly suspicious by nature, so having clicked through to your website, went to the contact us page to find nothing more than an email and a mobile number, which I’m not insinuating it is this at all but the previously mentioned suspicious nature immediately thinks “Well, it could be a PAYG sim, which will be dumped when the person behind the site does a midnight flit with all my crypto.” Scrolling down I spot " A company registered in England & Wales No. 7263891" and think "AhHa! A companies house number! This will reassure me somewhat by telling me who’s behind this and where they are, and do a quick search and get this:

As I said, I’m not insinuating anything, I’m sure you’re 100% above board but you need to give people a bit more if you want them to trust you.

Edit: OK, you’ve answered that in some sense, but my point is still valid


Dont worry 7163891 number will show my bussiness soon!

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I doubt it. Company number 07163891 was incorporated in February 2010 and is now dissolved.

And you misspelt business.


All company registration numbers beginning with 7 were used up years ago. I think the newest ones start with a 9 now.

Pretty sure they won’t be happy with this one.

Oh dear.not looking good

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Sadly and again, not insinuating anything about the OP just following on the conversation. A company registration does not a legitimate company make

Also I may be late to the conversation but the website now says Sole Trader, No Company Number

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Website still down for me.

Wondering if this is the same guy?

Indeed. There was a very good Guardian long read about how many ‘Mr A.N. Ybody’ and even “Mr Xxxx Xxxx” there are who according to Companies House own companies because they make no checks on the information they’re given, oh, and a two month old baby who was apparently the PSC of various companies.

I was just trying to be the kind, benevolent, welcoming person you all know I am and give the benefit of the doubt… :wink::see_no_evil:


I am wondering if the OP has been here before… maybe with a different name

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Reminds me of Mr Omar Rama

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does it say ssl handshake failed?

i was actually accepted by Enumis after i’ve provided all the info and KYC. which i am not afraid of giving as this is a legitimate bussiness NOT A SCAM and i’ve always wanted to start my own exchange but seemed hard. but now im doing it.