Business Payroll Compromise – a New Way for Criminals to Steal from Your Company


I remember a while ago a lot of people were astonished/annoyed on the monzo community that employers wanted to see bank statements when they wanted to update their bank accounts.

Maybe those employers weren’t all stupid…


What kind of company lets you update your bank details just by sending an email to hr?

I can either do it online myself via my account which I should only have access to or I have to fill out a form which is given to a manager and then they have to send it to hr.


I wouldn’t know: I’ve never worked for a company big enough to have a separate HR department…


You’re lucky then! :joy:


I sure am :blush:

Although working for small companies has disadvantages too, but overall I prefer it…

(Manda) #6

I’ve changed my bank details by email but I work In finance department.


To be honest, I imagine a lot of medium sized companies will allow this. Changing bank accounts is going the rare enough to not make it worthwhile to create specific forms, portals or processes for it, I think…