Can't add card to Apple Pay

Just had my phone replaced, old phone had debit card added to Apple Wallet. I’m trying to add the card back onto my replacement phone and get an error, getting in touch with customer service led to this response

Does this make any sense? What is this industry wide security?

I have always had Apple Pay set up on a separate iPhone (works fine, card is still there)

I’d be tempted to try again at a later date. That message they sent you is very light on actual usable information.


That seems bonkers!


Not sure if this is related…

Looks to be.

How odd. Not heard of this one before tonight.

I’ve been attempting to add my Halifax credit card to Apple Wallet this weekend. By phone, as the SMS verification wasn’t working. The Visa debit was fine, but they were unable to validate the MasterCard. I spoke to them both Saturday and Sunday and both days they said there was a MasterCard issue and they were unable to validate. Suggested I try again later in the week. If there is an issue with MasterCard provisioning that could be related I guess


Have you tried to remove it from the old phone? Maybe they have this crazy limit that you can’t have it in multiple places?!

I have my Starling card on both my iPhone and iPad and had it running on my previous phone when switching over to the new one so there doesn’t seem to be a limit on device numbers. As others have said I’d suggest waiting - I had a similar issue with my Tesco credit card that wouldn’t validate so I left it a few days and it then worked fine.

I’ve got the same thing with my starling account . Won’t let me add the card back to my Apple Pay after resetting my phone the other week.

The mobile wallet toggle under card controls won’t let me turn it on.

Added my Tesco credit card and NatWest bank account no problems to it

Bit of a shambles really that a mobile digital bank cannot let you add a card to Apple Pay and don’t seem to give you a valid reason for it . Was on the hunt for a new joint account seeing as our NatWest one is changing the rewards account and was looking at moving our joint account to starling but this has put me off doing that .


This has really put me off Starling. It is a really good bank until you have an issue.

I would file a complaint @ everyone who can’t add it if they don’t fix it for you

Make sure you tell them you want it officially dealt with as a complaint rather than a disgruntled customer appeasement

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I’ve just joined Starling (switching from Monzo) and had no problem adding the card to my Apple Wallet.

:tired_face:Any luck?

Have this issue too… even got the same email from support! Weird because my revolut and nationwide card work fine. I assume this means there’s nothing we can but wait a while, or replace the phone? sigh

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Switching away from starling ASAP, got a new phone 6 days ago, tried to log into starling on my new phone had to do a new video to send them, it said they are checking my identity and my online banking and card will not work until it got approved, after numerous calls to ask when it would be approved as I had to get money out all I got was “the dedicated team will deal with it”
literally just got the message to say I can now log in and my card is back active after 6 days of no money!

I had to do a selfie video to log in the other day, really puts me off Starling.

This is likely only to get worse for all banks that have no branches.

Even Barclays you have to go to a cash machine (guess what, they have cameras).

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I added my iPad to my Starling account today as a backup. I had to do another video selfie when setting up the app on my iPad but they approved it in about 10 minutes.

sorry I’ve just saw this .

No luck with getting it back on , the toggle is still disabled on my app and it’s really put me off using Starling which is a shame as I was on the verge of going all in with them for a main account.

The way they explain it to you makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong when all you’ve actually done is try to readd your card to Apple Pay.

Still on the hunt for a main joint account from Feb but crossed starling off the list now. Narrowed it down to either nw flex plus which we currently have purely for the insurance , Barclays , monzo or possible see how that new virgin money account turns out when they launch it

How did they explain it?