Can't add card to Apple Pay

Have this issue too… even got the same email from support! Weird because my revolut and nationwide card work fine. I assume this means there’s nothing we can but wait a while, or replace the phone? sigh

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Switching away from starling ASAP, got a new phone 6 days ago, tried to log into starling on my new phone had to do a new video to send them, it said they are checking my identity and my online banking and card will not work until it got approved, after numerous calls to ask when it would be approved as I had to get money out all I got was “the dedicated team will deal with it”
literally just got the message to say I can now log in and my card is back active after 6 days of no money!

I had to do a selfie video to log in the other day, really puts me off Starling.

This is likely only to get worse for all banks that have no branches.

Even Barclays you have to go to a cash machine (guess what, they have cameras).

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I added my iPad to my Starling account today as a backup. I had to do another video selfie when setting up the app on my iPad but they approved it in about 10 minutes.

sorry I’ve just saw this .

No luck with getting it back on , the toggle is still disabled on my app and it’s really put me off using Starling which is a shame as I was on the verge of going all in with them for a main account.

The way they explain it to you makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong when all you’ve actually done is try to readd your card to Apple Pay.

Still on the hunt for a main joint account from Feb but crossed starling off the list now. Narrowed it down to either nw flex plus which we currently have purely for the insurance , Barclays , monzo or possible see how that new virgin money account turns out when they launch it

How did they explain it?

Personally, for me, I don’t actually find doing a video selfie whether to log on or to open any form of account, an issue. As has been pointed out, you go go an ATM, it has cameras both in and around it, you walk into any airport and every movement you make, even following you into the toilet, is captured. I’ve got completely past being bothered by any of it to be honest. I walk to work every day and I’m captured on CCTV on four separate cameras on my 1.5 mile journey. All that being said, I guess if providing proof of who you are to your bank bothers you, then you have every right to be annoyed and you can of course vote with your feet and find another bank. I’m not fed up with Starling to bugger off elsewhere at the moment, selfies or otherwise.

saying they’ve blocked it due to security concerns on your account , way they word it sounds as if you’ve done something dodgy with your account.

Might just be the way I’ve took it after reading it but none of my other accounts had any bother letting me readd Apple Pay on it after resetting my phone

Just an update - I managed to add my card to apple wallet, it is now asking to send a text verification code or phone call verification which it didn’t before.


What did they say needed done to unblock it?

yes I have the same now , it’s let me add it back to my wallet.

Might go ahead with the joint account now :grinning:

Could you not use your card?

How did you do it? I still can’t add my card.

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I’ve been unable to add my card to my Apple Watch, but apple pay works absolutely fine on my phone.
when i queried this, this was their response.

The thing is, they cannot reveal any details of relevant legistation and rules that they have updated their systems to comply with, nor should anybody expect them to. Apple Pay is not vital for the account to function anyway. The physical card can still be used.

I added Google Pay to my phone without any issue at all, and I personally have only seen complaints about this in regards to Apple Pay, (please correct me if I’m wrong). Therefore, I wonder if it’s something to do with Apple’s platform?

Yes they can, and they should. It’s an open and free democracy; this isn’t ‘tipping-off’ suspected money launderers.

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They surely can’t reveal how they have updated their systems though, and why this impacts on the ability of some people to add cards to their mobile wallets.

The point still stands though, mobile wallets are not essential for the account to function properly and the physical card is just as convenient.

The account is advertised with that feature and the lack of the feature being available means the account isn’t functioning properly

Also as someone who uses their watch/phone to pay for 99% of things, I’d say one is definitely more convenient than the other


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