Can't close account!

I emailed the N26 support email address almost two weeks ago, after being advised by a chat operator, regarding closing my account. I received an automated response but have had no other contact from N26. I’ve sent a follow up email but still no response.

I’ve just tried contacting them via the in-app messaging function but am getting an error message every time I hit submit!

What do I have to do in order to close my account?!?!

Try adding it in your Twitter correspondence with Will Sorby like what I dmed you about a couple of days ago :slight_smile: :joy:

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Use CASS. That will force them to close it if they are too busy.

N26 doesn’t support CASS yet.

Going by the support page…

Should be straightforward going by that…

You would think so, wouldn’t you? I provided all of the requested information in my email and have contacted them several times since - nothing in response other than an automated reply to my initial email.

Very poor :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmm doesn’t bode well… still need to cancel mine.

Need to find the card for that ridiculous code on the front of it (in a box somewhere…)

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And now I’ve attempted live chat twice in the app and it just says “Connecting you” without actually connecting you to anyone.

Well I’ve finally managed to get my account closed, two weeks after requesting it. Multiple emails, failed in-app chats, tweets to various N26 accounts… finally got a message on Twitter asking me to DM them. Received two emails this morning, first to say my phone was unlinked from my account, the second to say my account has been closed.

The onboarding experience was terrible for me and closing the account was even worse!

It would seem that you have been successful. I am waiting for them to close the account as I have still not provided (and have no intention of doing) my tax number.

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Try tweeting them and complaining, seems to have worked for me.

I need to get around to closing mine as opened and never use it.

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I’m undecided what to do with my N26 account. I made the mistake of cancelling my Starling card early doors, which I have since went on to regret massively…still waiting another 2 months til the ban is up.

I have this feeling that N26 will come good eventually and the launch was rushed probably because of Brexit related panic…

If they become members of CASS and start with overdrafts, etc then they will at least be on their way to be a credible alternative to Monzo…

Hey @PurpleBarmy - Were you on the Starling forums before?

I’ve left my N26 dormant for the time being - I’m holding onto that 0.05% that they may be a credible alternative.

But when I look at it, I don’t think they will compete with Monzo/Starling on a UK level, let alone the high street banks who are offering more digital options.

But, as it’s currently not causing me any harm… I’m leaving it open :slight_smile:


… Why did you even sign up? Of course you have to provide a tax number, lol

Hi Nick,

Yes, I was on the Starling forums previously, under a different username i think!?, last posted probably June time maybe? which coincided with the time I closed my account :grinning:

My indecision with N26 is centering around their potential and possible tieups with others like Allianz and other German companies. I think it will be interesting to see what Black and Metal develop into.

I think for now ill continue to use it as my online spending card and see how things go

We have been through this before. Having held bank accounts in Isle of Man, Guernsey, UK, Belgium, Spain, Kuwait and Hong Kong it never crossed my mind that tax numbers were required. I obviously bow to your international prowess.

How do UK banks usually get your “Tax number”?

N26 are the first bank that I recall ever giving my personal info to.

I don’t think they do. Nor did I have to provide it for the other accounts. I suspect that countries (particularly in the EU) are clamping down on tax evasion.

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They don’t require it.

Foreign banks within the EU however are required to collect your tax number if you’re not a citizen, afaik. I know Bunq did and so did N26, because they’re operating on a Netherlands and a German banking licence.

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