Capital one instant notifications?

I’m not able to take a screenshot but I noticed a message in the app that says:

Safety first… get push notifications

Instantly know when your card gets used and how much was spent.

It’s opt-in as well. I never use this card so have no idea what it does but might use it out of curiosity.

It is actually instant :scream:

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I bet they push that in TV and Newspaper adverts, its a nifty feature, and the good thing about Capital one as a sub prime lender, its open to a wide range of people, so when people notice instant notifications they will want it, which will push the feature to more banks and cards etc.


I just found out metro bank allowed you to freeze your card in 2014 before starling and monzo even existed. I didn’t think any of the older organisations would be able to offer instant notifications.

If starling released a credit card now I’d be tempted not to bother! :astonished:

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