Card declined

Now there is a notification in app

There’s a message on card disruption… was also posted at 11am… but i’ve had 0 problems

There service status page says this is now resolved.

Wonder if the problem was at Starling or their processor?

Never good when your card stops working at lunchtime!

Mine worked fine at 13.05

Used mine this morning and again at lunchtime, no issues. The status page shows issues very early this morning that were resolved but it appears that they may have jumped the gun a little. Some users must still be experiencing issues.

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With similar times, Curve reported an incident too, so looks like it was the processor (I think Starling and Curve use the same processor).

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Yes, it’ll have been an issue with GPS.


Good old GPS

Mine hasn’t declined at all during that timezone though

Currently can’t withdraw cash, Starling are aware of the issue… great!

Yeah. Wouldn’t give me money, but sent the notification to say I had withdrawn money.
Looks like a clusterduck on a Saturday lunchtime.

Revolut also affected.

It’s about time Starling and others started holding the likes of GPS to account. You can’t run a bank with an increasingly flakey payments and ATM access.


Yeah they did have a decent run without issues but it seems to have gotten worse again.

It makes me wonder whether GPS are just hitting capacity issues and are reluctant to do anything about it - things got better just after Monzo left which will have removed a lot of transactions from going through their system, perhaps they’re now beginning to hit those sorts of numbers again?

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Just out of curiosity, how have Monzo been doing outage-wise since moving their processing in-house?

Used my card at the coop about 30 mins ago and it went through but nothing showing in the app for it yet - looks like they might have started just approving some things.

Bad new banks with there monthly declines, my trusty barclays still works.

Starling really needs to get rid of GPS, they should have done so the day they first has a problem, 2 years ago.


Curve are having declines today, too.

Those who are investing in moving away from GPS are being proved right that it’s the right thing to do.

Starling: your move.

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In terms of card payments for Monzo, this year maybe only the one with the database outage in July, but even that was only a small percentage for a couple of hours

I’ve never personally been affected on Monzo, but everyone’s luck varies. My only outage personally was with Starling/GPS in February, but I recognise that is totally anecdotal

GPS gets Starling the Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay and Badger Pay and the like, that tempts some watch owners over from Monzo, but then delivers very dubious reliability in return

Card Processing has been pretty much spot on, Bank Transfers which are not in-house is up and down like a prostitutes knickers.

Seems like there’s quite a bit to be said to moving things in-house!