Card payments outage | 9.9.19, 11.9.19, 13.9.19

I’ve decided that today’s payment outage was a significant enough event to warrant its own thread. It’s also an opportunity to bring together the posts from various threads that were broadly on the same topic…


Down again today…

Let me guess GPS.

Just card transactions. Not a service failure, right? :joy:

Starling not working

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Starling have no future with GPS.

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They don’t know how and where to route your money without gps nav


Well that’s why it’s failing then. That’s stupid.

I need to use my card today as have transferred money into it and am unable to spend. I tried getting some cheese and it was declined so had to use backup

No you’re right. All working perfectly well with no failures whatsoever. Working 100%. Nothing to see here. All perfectly fine.

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This is the second time in just a few weeks now. They really need to get their act together with this.

I had all my main banking with Starling, and even I’ve just gone recently to open a Nationwide account due to how well received they are on here and I like the interest rates they have or savings and account balances.

I can’t put up with the constant unreliable card service with Starling how it’s been lately. and just doing everything through one account and the fact they don’t even report stuff like this on the status page means that page can’t be trusted too much as well.

I will split my income and banking across both Nationwide and Starling but I needed the security of actually having an additional card for situations like this.

Looks like GPS again, Revolut and Curve sent outage alerts too.

This tweet is interesting, if true implies that transactions with Apple Pay may be successful while cards fail. Perhaps Apple Pay bypasses GPS processing?

Are they? I could write a book on the many horrors I had with Nationwide, in fact I’ve said many times it was their horrific mishandling of attempted fraud on my card that made me close it all and move to Starling. I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life as by Nationwide. The FlexPlus May be a good account, but the company is another matter altogether.

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Found out things were down while buying petrol at ASDA just now. This has just plain got to stop.

GPS are starting to make the whole fintech marketplace - or at least those who haven’t had the sense to move on - look like a right bunch of cowboys.

So I’ve got two notifications, one Saying ASDA took £1 and reversed it. Another telling me I spent £30 there. In actual fact the machine sat there thinking about it for a couple of minutes before just telling me ‘declined’.

Thankfully I had my credit card with me.

If I had been at the kiosk I’d have been pretty embarrassed - and all because Starling have partnered with the cheapo, incompetent omnishambles that is GPS.

I’ve just complained to Starling, I suggest others do also. The fault maybe with a third party’s systems, but Starling are our service providers and chose that third party.

About time GPS was taken out back and ‘dealt with’.


So we’re assuming that GPS stands for Global Payment Shambles? :rofl:

The FlexPlus is well received, but I’ve opened the FlexDirect as that is the one that fit my needs a lot better, as it’s still coming with the 5% interest on account balances for the 1st year. I’ve seen some positive comments, and the experience I’ve had so far has been positive with their service.

I’m still using Starling as well, but I needed an additional card as it comes with a Visa too.

That’s where the issues lie. Not everybody has a credit card, and fintechs are wanting to reach profitability and have people using them as their main account, so they need to really get on top of this, as people won’t put up with continual card outages. I totally understand this is out of Starling’s control but they’re the ones that have partnered with GPS.


No, you’re right. Starling is a bank, and if they can no longer provide reliable basic banking services they are going to see their churn rates rise soon enough.

They need to get a handle on this. Fast.

I was lucky in that I had an alternative payment method. Others wouldn’t be and if I I had filled my tank at a pay at the kiosk pump and didn’t have the card, Starling would have put me in a very awkward position. That’s not on.

I like the app and I like some of the features - but if this continues (and lets be honest, it’s becoming a habit), then I’ll opt for reliability.

(Incidentally - the card transaction I just made to pay of the fuel I just bought on my credit card went through fine!)

How did you complain @Liam? Official route of “I would like to make an official complaint” or asking them in-app chat style “could you guys consider it”

I also suggest we make a dedicated thread. We need to have this dealt with now, it’s getting ridiculous.

Sent a message in-app (not chat, that thing never works well for me)…

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