Cash back alternatives for Amex

Hi all,

Just asking: What would people suggest as the best alternative for Amex to get cash back?

I am asking because my son is a sole trader who recently decided to get an Amex card to use for his business purchases. Unfortunately he didn’t check that B&Q/Screwfix don’t accept Amex. There are other outlets he uses but it restricts the card’s usefulness.

I have suggested Tandem, but maybe someone knows of an even better alternative.

Thanks for any suggestions.

There aren’t many alternatives left anymore, I’m afraid.

Have a look here, but I do think that tandem is your best bet at the moment:

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Tandem or Aqua Rewards should you not be eligible for Tandem imo

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The irony here is that Amex allow business purchases on a personal card (i.e. there is nothing in their terms and conditions prohibiting it) but other banks do say that their personal cards are specifically for personal use.

I’ve never heard of anyone getting their credit card closed down for using it for business, but I know banks do with current accounts.

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I suppose it’s up to any company to decide on their own T&C’s but it seems fairly common for sole traders to use personal cards. If one were running a limited company it would perhaps be unwise as you would personally be responsible for the debt rather than the company.

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Asda has 0.2% “cashback” paid Asda vouchers though.
I’ve used Tandem for the last 20 months, it’s a decent credit card.

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It depends on how much your son might put through the card but one to consider is the Santander Business Credit Card. Pays 1% cashback but comes with a £30 annual fee.

Alternatively, if he is really interested in Avios Points then he may want to consider though the annual fee is higher.

Nice one! I’ll point it out to him, thanks!