Cashback card recommendations

Hi All,

Want some advice please.

I’ve wanted to apply for a platinum cashback card, but the eligibity checker is worrisome. It gives me a 8.5 out of 10 and I’ve heard of people that have 9 and above out of 10 and have been rejected (online posts, don’t know them personally).

I have a clean credit record and no debt by being careful for many years.

I can’t risk being having a rejection on my file, I know no one can tell me whether I’ll be accepted or not, so I gave Amex a call and they were rude and had very slowly shoulders. By the end of the call the chap admitted that the eligibility checker had no relevance really and he admitted that people with 9.5 or even 10 out of 10 likelihood have been rejected and literally could not answer my question as to the point of even offering the feature in the first place.

I have had good experience overall with non traditional banks, so what alternative Fintechs are out there have a small annual fee of which the cashback would cover the nominal fee like Amex’s £25 annual feel?

I know of Revolut’s, but is not worth the high fee for metal card package, any others out there?

How many years of credit card usage have you already had?

Why can’t you risk a rejection on your credit history? Lots of rejections in a short space of time doesn’t look good but I don’t think an isolated rejection is much of an issue.

What did you actually expect Amex to say other than they can’t tell you in advance if your application would be successful?

Do you want a credit card or any type of card as long as it gives cashback?

  1. Around 8 years of credit card usage, with payments always being on-time.

  2. Applying for a mortgage maybe? I’ve never had any negatives on my file, so don’t want to risk that.

  3. I expect them to tell me the point of the useless eligibility checker. I never asked them whether I would be accepted in advance of my application, who would even know that information. In fact he even said entering a salary was also pointless as that isn’t taken into consideration. Just seems random to me and dangerous for unsuspecting users (like myself) applying being told you are VERY LiKELY to be accepted when that simply is not true.

I also expect them to provide good customer service, which is not the case, I had many expectations, but that one conversation has lost my business.

  1. Unlimited cashback would be good like Amex offer apparently. Happy to explore other fintech based cashback alternatives.

Unless planning on applying for a mortgage in the near future I wouldn’t worry about a credit rejection personally.

With 8 years of trouble free credit history I’d just apply for Amex.

Still unclear on whether or not you want a credit card. “Fintech based” alternative could be prepaid, debit, or credit.

Thanks for the info.

The Fintech amternative doesn’t necessarily need to be a credit as such, nor is there a specific requirement, something with a comparible cashback offer, as the ones I’ve come across charge high fees, where as Amex doesn’t.

Even with a mortgage application imminent, I’d have no issue applying for a card or two. You’ve got to try - just don’t have lots of hard searches on your account at the same time.

Does a credit report even show a rejection, or does it just show a search occurred but no product was taken out?

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You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer. The guy is customer service; not the guy who developed the eligibility checker. What did you expect him to tell you?

All he can say is that as far as he is aware, it’s not very accurate. He can’t fix it, he’s not in a position to have that done. He’s not in a position to throw his employer under the bus, either.

I can assure you we have many an AmEx customer on this forum and they can all vouch for the regularly stellar service provided by AmEx.

But to get back to your question about cashback cards. There really aren’t many.

For currently available cards there’s probably only AmEx these days, with an exception in regards to… RBS’ card that gives 1% on supermarket spend? It has a £24 annual fee, nulled if you have a select account w/ them

Alternatively there’s Tandem, I suppose. Although you’ll be paying £6 a month membership fee and only getting 0.5%.

You should really just be hitting up AmEx imo. The only other alternative you’re going to find is the Sainsbury’s Credit that’ll give you some bonus Nectar points haha

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There’s also the Barclaycard reward card with no fee but a paltry 0.25% on card purchases.

at 0.25% i think i’d rather just use my bank card lol

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Has anyone tried Spree Card?

Not cashback on everything but apparently provides up to 5% cashback from a reasonable range of mainstream retailers. £10 one-off registration/card fee.


There’s definitely no exact science as to credit card eligibility. For my own part, I have a pretty much perfect credit scored honed over almost a quarter of a century. I’ve got 3 credit cards in my name, a Amex BA card purely for the Avios points, a Lloyds Platinum card for the 20 month interest free period, and a Virgin Money card which again was solely for the interest free period. I’m also a second card holder on a Nationwide Select card. That card does give cash back, but no where near as much as when my Wife first took it out.

A couple of years back, I applied for a Bank of Ireland interest free card and was flatly rejected, even with my almost perfect credit score. It’s the only card I’ve ever had a rejection on. It didn’t bother me at all in the slightest. I only wanted it for the long interest free period. When I was rejected, I applied for the Virgin Money card and was immediately accepted. Credit scoring is an odd science and pretty much a lottery to be fair. It’s fair to say though, I’ll never bother applying for any Bank of Ireland products ever again. does have an eligibility checker. I’ve used it before to see what the likelihood of acceptance would be for a Barclaycard.

As for cashback card recommendations as a whole, I can’t really add anything more. I don’t want to pay ‘fees’ for the privilige of holding a card. Amex’s BA card for the Avios points has certainly been worth it for me and my Wife and of course there’s no fee attached to that card. As for Amex itself, I can’t fault 'em, they are in my eyes, excellent. The Amex App is good too. It’s just a shame they’ve not really embraced ‘card freezing’ in the same way as other providers do. That’s my only criticism of Amex, the fact they still want to exercise a certain level of control whereby they can just unfreeze your card after 7 days. It’s dumb, but they clearly have their own agenda.

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Amex are top notch. never had an issue with them, and their app is a great example of a ‘fintech’ credit card app.

I agree with the other response, a single rejection isnt an issue. You dont seem to have a plan to buy a house so even if you were rejected (not that it would affect you anyway) it would likely drop off your report before you even get a house.

Not sure id pay for the amex, it really depends on your needs and use. Will you get more out of it than the cost of the card?

Or the Amex nectar card. I’ve considered it, I shop at sansburys all the time, and argos quite a lot as well. 3 points per pound.


Completely disagree, I am ringing customer service, I expect him to state he doesn’t know and can redirect my call, being the first defence at a business and agreeing it has no value is a bad show.

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Haven’t looked into it further but wouldn’t be surprised if they were selling transaction data to hedge funds.

I’d like to know this too, does a rejectiom show or just a hard search?

It will just show a search - not the result. Neither will other lenders see which firm carried it out

They cant know. Part of the application process is a search, without a search they cant give you a definitive answer, only an educated guess, and the eligibility checker can only account for so many things. As far as i’m aware it’s more of a checker to make sure you don’t apply if you absolutely will fail. Reality is a single failed application just doesn’t matter, no one cares.

You could have perfect credit, and never failed an application and still be rejected for a mortgage.


Don’t be too critical of them. They just won’t tell you, it’s that simple.

The trick is, if they reject you, just suck it up and move on and try another. We’d all like cetain things or in this case a particular card, but if the lender doesn’t want to take you on, then that is entirely their call. I wasn’t remotely upset about my rejection with BoI, I certainly wouldn’t even dream of calling them up to try and analyse why they wouldn’t give me a card. My thoughts at the time were, if I’m not good enough for them, they’re most definitely not good enough for me.

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The “up to” makes me think most of the retailers will be a lot less than 5%. There are also fees for topping up less than £200 and a replacement fee if it’s lost etc., so I imagine it would take a while (for me at least) to make the one-off fee back.

Then again, I did stake some crypto for the card. Between the rewards and 2% cashback they offer I have already made my stake back, so I plan on continuing to use it for anything that doesn’t need Section 75 protection. It looks like a similar thing with MySpree… it’s probably worthwhile if you shop at one of the supermarkets they have as I can’t imagine most people will spend enough at the other places.

Actually, is it an employee perk? I saw this in their FAQs

Can I register straight away?
Yes, you are eligible as long as you are employed by a participating company.

Yeah that’s mainly why I asked - in case someone had tried it and could say something about actual rates.

Where do you see that?
All I see on the following page is one-off fee of £9.99

From what I can tell, they power a range of employee cashback schemes, e.g.

But the link I provided earlier is an open-to-all version of their card/scheme.