Cashback credit cards

Hi, after a spell having the Amex cashback credit card, I’m looking for a much more widely accepted one that still gives a decent amount of cashback.

I’ve seen Tandem and read reviews (mostly mixed) but was wondering if people on here know of any others which give 0.5% or more cashback please? My Google searching has only really shown Tandem to be the closest to the best cashback card at the moment.

I know Starting are launching a credit card soon (whatever timeframe that actually is!) but I’ve not seen any details if it’ll be a cashback credit card, but can wait to see what they launch before signing up to something else.

Thanks for the help!

Personally I have the NatWest reward credit card as a fallback for where amex isn’t accepted, and I’m actually surprised it doesn’t feature on that list: 1% at supermarkets, 0.5% elsewhere. As I also have the natwest reward current account I don’t pay any fee.

If you do have to pay the fee, and primarily use the amex, it’s probably not worth it though, as most supermarkets accept amex nowadays, so you’d essentially get only 0.5% cashback, which you can also get with free tandem one.

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Thanks nanos, I hadn’t heard of the NatWest Reward credit card, so I’ll take a look :+1:

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It’s a pretty good deal if you also have the natwest reward current account (which is also a really good deal in itself), or don’t have an amex, and buy lots of stuff from supermarkets. Otherwise it’s not.

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The NatWest credit card looks like a good option for me. Cheers for the heads up nanos!

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Buys more than £4,800 of stuff from supermarkets to be exact (if comparing to Tandem or other flat 0.5% cashback cards).

That would give a net cashback rate of more than 0.5% on all spending after accounting for the fee.

But anyone who pays household bills might as well get the reward current account too, to increase the net cashback rate further.


You’re right, I have already got the reward current account but having the credit card too makes sense to me. I don’t have the amex any more, because it isn’t accepted everywhere I shop and I like a simple life for money management rather than have a few credit cards to manage.

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Yeah, I think if you have the reward current account the credit card is a bit of a no brainer…

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