Cashback credit cards

Hi, after a spell having the Amex cashback credit card, I’m looking for a much more widely accepted one that still gives a decent amount of cashback.

I’ve seen Tandem and read reviews (mostly mixed) but was wondering if people on here know of any others which give 0.5% or more cashback please? My Google searching has only really shown Tandem to be the closest to the best cashback card at the moment.

I know Starting are launching a credit card soon (whatever timeframe that actually is!) but I’ve not seen any details if it’ll be a cashback credit card, but can wait to see what they launch before signing up to something else.

Thanks for the help!

Personally I have the NatWest reward credit card as a fallback for where amex isn’t accepted, and I’m actually surprised it doesn’t feature on that list: 1% at supermarkets, 0.5% elsewhere. As I also have the natwest reward current account I don’t pay any fee.

If you do have to pay the fee, and primarily use the amex, it’s probably not worth it though, as most supermarkets accept amex nowadays, so you’d essentially get only 0.5% cashback, which you can also get with free tandem one.

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Thanks nanos, I hadn’t heard of the NatWest Reward credit card, so I’ll take a look :+1:

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It’s a pretty good deal if you also have the natwest reward current account (which is also a really good deal in itself), or don’t have an amex, and buy lots of stuff from supermarkets. Otherwise it’s not.

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The NatWest credit card looks like a good option for me. Cheers for the heads up nanos!

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Buys more than £4,800 of stuff from supermarkets to be exact (if comparing to Tandem or other flat 0.5% cashback cards).

That would give a net cashback rate of more than 0.5% on all spending after accounting for the fee.

But anyone who pays household bills might as well get the reward current account too, to increase the net cashback rate further.


You’re right, I have already got the reward current account but having the credit card too makes sense to me. I don’t have the amex any more, because it isn’t accepted everywhere I shop and I like a simple life for money management rather than have a few credit cards to manage.

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Yeah, I think if you have the reward current account the credit card is a bit of a no brainer…

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OK, I’m going to piggy back on to this thread rather than make a new one.

My Amex Gold card is nearing it’s 12 months, and I’m not a fan of the £140 fee (it’s fee free in year 1).

The recent changes have also meant that I can’t simply churn the card with my wife for a new Gold Card (well, I can, but I won’t get the welcome bonus).

So, in the search for a new credit card to take care of 99% of my spending, I thought I’d look around.

It would appear that Amex still reign supreme in most aspects, so I was hoping for some feedback (or anything I’ve missed), on the following.

I can still get the welcome bonus on the BA Premium Amex card (the black one) - It’s £195 per year, but the Avios and 2-4-1 BA voucher likely make it worth it.

I should add - I’ve only ever swapped my Gold reward points for Avios points in the past.

It would seem to be either that, or the Platinum card with it’s minimal cashback. It’s only £25 per year, but the cashback is likely to be in the region of £150… and I feel I’d get far more value from the air miles.

Anyone have thoughts or recommendations on the above?

If you decide for the platinum cashback I’d be happy to provide you with a referral link that should net you some extra cashback.

Otherwise it seems to me that the main question is whether you want miles or cash. If you can make use of the miles, then I think they might be the better option.

I think this is it… being able to take a family away for next to nothing is better value than nearly all other cards.

Yes, you are committing to spending money (where as cashback is yours to do with as you please), but there is a strong likelihood we’d go on holiday next year or the year after…

The 2-4-1 ticket is worth more than the £195 itself.

Out of interest, how much extra cashback would it be with a referral?


You’ll excuse me if I don’t rush to sign up :joy: (thank you though).

Interesting that Amex won’t let me get the sign up bonus on the free tier BA card, but will let me have the 25,000 points bonus on the Premier BA card.


Depending on your needs, its worth considering the two HSBC Premier credit cards (assuming you qualify for an account). Both offer reward schemes that can be converted into Avios Points.

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Hey guys!

I had to join just to reply to this thread as I found myself in a similar situation.

I got myself the BA Blue card as my initial credit card when I turned 18 simply to build my credit score whilst also contributing to the household avios account we have with BA. AMEX were brilliant and I saw to credit increases within 2 years.

I then decided I wanted something more from the card being older and a bigger spender now. I recently switched to the BA Premium card and I’m not disappointed at all! Yes the fee is heavy but it more than makes up for it with the companion voucher and the 1.5 avios for every £1 spent. Being an average slender I’m only £5,000 away from my companion voucher and my anniversary date is May, so plenty of time to go!

The BA Executive Club app is also brilliant as it gives you great ways to boost the number of avios you get. For example if you go through the app to the Nike store you get 9 avios for every £1 spent. So I bought a pair of trainers and got 1,000 avios and still got my student discount as they don’t impose restrictions like that!

If you’d like a referral to the Premium BA Card feel free to use mine below! This will get you 26,000 Avios if £3,000 is spent in the first 3 months which is actually enough to get you economy to New York and back! I’ll also get 9,000 and I’m saving to take my other half on a trip of a lifetime so would appreciate also :slight_smile:

(This is an extra 1,000 on top of the traditional welcome bonus!)

I’ve looked on the forum and can’t see a thread about booking BA reward flights so may make one with some handy tips and tricks as I’ve got a few up my sleeve that I haven’t seen on blogs etc :slight_smile:


Agreed, the HSBC premier cards are really good value and are MasterCards, so better acceptance than amex. Of course you would need to have an HSBC current account.

If you’re not set on Avios, the IHG rewards cards offer pretty good value.

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Thanks Jake - I’m afraid to say you were a few
hours too slow for me applying!

Although I’d love to hear your tips on reward flight booking.

There used to be a map of all the flights which showed you how many reward flight seats were left, but that seems to have disappeared!

:joy: if I remember in a few years I’ll use your link @Jake_Coupland

Rn though I’m too poor :unamused: part time job and university don’t have me spending 10k a year to make it worth it

Where do you want to use your Avios?

You certainly can’t use them for long haul economy travel effectively - if you’re lucky you get £50 or £100 knocked off!

European flights can be better value, but you’re stuck with certain dates / destinations - if you’re going to be this flexible you may as may well go Easyjet!

In the past 2 years, I’ve used around 140,000 Avios to fly to Lanzarote and Croatia - Looking at the flights at the time, it’s saved me around £1500 in total.

Granted, the locations can be limited, so I wouldn’t base a specific destination around it.

But if you are flexible to a degree, it’s a massive money saver.