Challenger banks in talks about £1.6bn merger - Sky News


Well, I was pretty excited to read this headline!

Bit of an anti climax once I realised I didn’t know much about the two banks in question.

Anyone dealt with either of them before?

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Who were you expecting to see then?

Edit: That wasn’t a leading question, i’m genuinely interested who people think are likely contenders

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Nope, never heard of them until I read this article.


Well… Not Monzo and Starling if that’s what you are asking :joy:

Perhaps one of the digital spin offs maybe? But I hadn’t given it much thought before clicking the link.

Either way, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of them if they are “one of Britains biggest challenger banks”.

Clearly I’m not looking hard enough!

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God no, that thought hadn’t even entered my mind, i’d have an effigy of Anne made of leeks and daffodils burnt on the St David’s Day episode of Pobol y Cwm if she even thought of doing something like that. Then slightly less dramatically close my accounts.


The day you close your account (if you do), I’m expecting more flair, drama and va va voom than Theirry Henry scoring a 92nd minute winner in the World Cup final.

It doesn’t look like either of these banks are traditional retail banks.

Heck, I can’t even find an app for them.

Challenger bank = App, in my eyes :joy:


TSB is a challenger bank as well?


Both fairly established players, probably why most haven’t heard of them, but they are reliable.

I wouldn’t really class either as a challenger, they are very standard in banking terms, yes a wide portfolio of business, but still traditional in the way they operate.

Charter Savings bank is always one of the reliable savings banks, but its been around for 20 years, so I don’t see that as a challenger myself.


BBVA buying Atom.

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Fan of Anne’s, then? :wink:

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Big fan of Anne. Until she agreed to merge with some half assed rival. Then she’s dead to me. More dead even than the look in other fintech founder’s eyes. :zombie:


Who’s this?

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Can I just say that I love your imaginative language?

(I mean this seriously).