Cheque imaging

is this on the road map for starling ?? timescale ??

I was able to scan a cheque with my Barclays app and pay it in like that - but have now closed Barclays as I’m running everything through starling.

They said yes but starling can’t clear cheques, so it’s always going to be complicated for them. They have to find a way to connect to the cheque clearing bank they use. Right now natwest is the clearing bank they use, the apis and direct connections natwest offer are very limited.

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I have not heard anything, though I monitor their social media output a lot less than I used to

The next approval window is August - the one Monzo decided several months ago that they would not be able (or willing) to me - so Starling will have to either make that or wait another several months

Will they let us know what happened on that front? Who knows


hmm… Maybe I should open an HSBC account (snag the £175) and move my legacy RBS account to there. No cheque imaging on RBS either.

Its plodding along but end of year at best i’d imagine so probably best to get something else if its something you’d use quite a bit.

I hope not. I want them to implement it, not tell me all about it, especially if they’re telling me they’re not doing it soon. This is partly why ive never enjoyed the Monzo brand of “transparency”, its not really transparent much of the time, its just explaining processes. Great if that’s your thing, it seems to be for some people.

I dont give a flying fig how they implement these things, i just want them to do it, and as soon as possible, although that seems to put me in a fintech forum minority, where people seem to value knowing every time Anne burps, Tom farts, or Nikolay has some bad duck with last night’s Chinese and so Team Rev should give the office toilets a wide berth. Just do it for gawd sakes, I dont care when the bloomin acceptance window is, just effin get on with it!

Not that i’ll likely ever use it anyway :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I suspect that cheque imaging is a low priority for Starling. Better to open a secondary legacy bank account such as LBG or Barclays if regular cheque imaging is important.

The thing is. It can be especially useful for business account customers, as some clients will always insist on paying invoices via cheque. And as I don’t believe there are any free business accounts offering cheque imaging it’s not as feasible to just open another account to use for cheque imaging like you coils with a personal account.

True… but I was referring to personal accounts. I don’t really consider Starling suitable for business banking as they don’t allow multi director/psc business accounts. Really not sure why as they seem capable of launching joint accounts

However, the joint account hasn’t got many of the features of the personal account - overdrafts, loans and settle-up etc. and was definitely rushed through development. Perhaps the joint accounts and the business accounts for multi-directors have some things in common. It was explained some time ago by Starling that it’s was something to do with joint relationships being more complicated (my memory doesn’t recall for exactly what reason).

Perhaps once they do the work behind the scenes, then perhaps they’ll launch a full feature set for both types of accounts. I hope so, because the joint account certainly does feel like the ginger step-child of the Starling offering.

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I’m pretending I’m @Recchan and having a go at them on twitter as we speak about this. I really am on the verge of writing a long essay/rant/complaint to Anne or Helen Bierton as this has been handled spectacularly poorly at this point.


40% of businesses in the UK are sole traders.
Around 1/4 million start up each year.
Quite a good market for a free business account.
The only thing missing for me is cheque imaging.
It delays things quite a bit sending cheques in the post, not to mention the extra risk of them going astray

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yup, that’s what puts me off - I always avoid putting cheques in the post

I read recently that multi-PSC business accounts will be ready “very soon”. They were replying to someone on Twitter.

Seems reasonable.
Recent app update seems to have wording that suggests it’s imminent.



I meant this from the sign up screen…

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Ah yeah, I was replying to the previous post about the tweet they mentioned.

Both there pieces of info does suggest it’s around the corner.

Cheque imaging seems less likely atm as far as I can tell. For now at least.

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I find it strange that you can use Imaging with CYB, Barclays, Lloyds group, etc but not with Starling and Monzo which are, in theory, meant to pioneer developments like this.

Surely the technology is easy enough for them to implement?

It’s got to be something else that is stopping both Monzo and Starling from making this a priority for their customers.

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There is one very simple answer as to why. Neither Starling nor Monzo can clear cheques, they have to use an intermediary bank, so anything like cheque clearing is completely out of either banks control.

Firstly they would have to get Natwest in Starlings case to allow it backend access to it’s clearing system, which is possible, but not easy, then they would have to make the Starling system work and interpret the information, its not a simple process.


It wasn’t that particular Tweet but a similar one.