Citymapper Pass

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A few more details from the app

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Agreed… but I also don’t see that price being sustainable. £10 per week in taxis means the price comes down to £29 throw in Boris Bikes and there isn’t really much left. I can’t see them making money from transaction charges


They will surely be out of pocket initially as a weekly Zone 1-2 costs £35.10. TFL have confirmed they will be getting the full price from Citymapper.

Will be interesting to see what other transport products will be linked to this service.

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Sounds like what MoviePass did in the US. In the end it comes with so many Caveats and restrictions it’s not worth it.

However in the spirit or being positive I’ll definitely try it if it comes to zone 3.

I was almost tempted to get it anyway and just PAYG the extra zone as most days I commute into Zone 1 on contactless


I’m in zone 2 but I only spend about £10/week on transport as I normally walk/run to work.

I wish there was a cheaper option, as I’d like to support them. It looks like a good product and CityMapper itself is an extremely useful tool that I’d be willing to pay for. £31/month is far too much if I’m not going to make use of it fully though.


I don’t get it. On one hand we have Curve telling me how I just need one card and life is just too busy with more. On the other Citymapper comes along and whilst acknowledging contactless is already available on TfL (for example) they feel that yet a specialist transport card is needed,

Personally I feel the answer was discovered in Hong Kong many years ago - of course there the policy is to keep prices low to encourage use.

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I don’t think Citymapper are that stupid to go out of pocket. They have other avenues they are receiving lots of money from.

Yes, they will be losing money from the pass but they won’t be out of pocket. And it could be worth it for them as soon, they will have more tracking data to sell.


I doubt it. The only other product they charge for is their Ride service. Given they pay their drivers a wage, not per ride, there’s no way they’re making much (or any) profit on that service. I’ve used it quite a few times, and only one of those did I share with someone.

The app says on the pass page:
“Support us in making money the right way. We don’t run ads, or sell your data. Pass is the product.”

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I’d be happy to just pay £10/year for Citymapper. I only use it once a month, but when I do it is so useful I’m happy to pay a subscription.


I didn’t say they were stupid and I was referring to their Pass Scheme, not Citymapper as a whole.

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there’s also the long term considerations.

  • Companies regularly lose money whilst building a user base
  • Zone 1-2 are relatively easier areas to travel accross. The moment you include even zone 3 taxi fares become more expensive, caps on travel change etc.

It occurs to me that they may not be puting a weekly travel card on every card but infact loading it with cash (much like movie pass did). Some people will spend the cash and you’ll make a loss but I would imagine a lot of people won’t spend the full amount you load. I’ll have to do the maths at some point and see what it actually costs if you’re calling it “weekly” but in fact running it via PAYG (contactless)

edit… Also doesn’t take in account Hopper fares (all bus journeys within an hour capped at £1.50.)


Darn, I live further than zone 9 so I guess this is useless to me🤣 then again I don’t travel to London much considering its 70 miles away kek

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Zone 9?! That’s practically France, isn’t it?


In all seriousness: You’d probably be quicker from Paris to London by train, then from Zone 9. And cheaper too …

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I thought the London zones only went up to 6.

The things you learn.

Still though, to have an integrated transport system must be nice. Maybe one day…

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Zone 9 is worse than France… it’s where my mother lives

There is are 3 extension zones that cover a few towns on the underground that are outside of greater London and technically not under the Mayor of Londons jurisdiction

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Zone 9 includes Amersham, Brentwood and Chesham…two of them are on the Metropolitan Line.


It’ll extend even further, too. They’re due to bring Oyster and contactless to a few more places this year - St Albans, Hertford North, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Luton Airport Parkway, Epsom, and intermediate stations.

It’s about time, there are always people complaining about getting fined because they assume they can travel to St Albans (~20 miles outside London) using Oyster and I suspect it’s a nice little earner for someone.

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Without having read through the entire thread, what is the appeal of this other than saving mony each week? Personally, I would hate to carry yet another card.


The end goal is for you to be able to use that globally, from the metro in NYC to Moscow, then back on the tube, without the confusion.

So, at the minute? Nothing besides the savings!