Citymapper Pass


Anyone heard back from CityMapper yet?

(Bendik) #42

As a frequent traveller, that sounds great in theory. If they can actually go through with it and in addition launch a pay-as-you-go option, it would bring more value to me as a consumer. However, if the option is to choose between a physical card and pay less or choose between Apple Pay and pay more, I would probably pick Apple Pay 9/10 times just for the convience. I see that they plan to launch an Apple Pay/Google Pay card. This would make the service tremendiously more valueable.


Yes, they already have Google and Apple Pay in the works, from my understanding. Extremely valuable for those who live in London, if they expanded this to work abroad I can see on it being massive. Especially if they could have it used for buses in more rural areas! (I understand they’d need some legislation to help them with this, like fare capping etc)

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(Bendik) #44

What I could see them doing is offering their Apple Pay/Google Pay card as a top-up card (or you link a card that it automaticly debits) for those who does not want to subscribe. They provide you with a cheaper rate for your transport in exchange for them selling your travel data.


I don’t think that’d work considering they’re still paying TfL etc the full fee and they wouldn’t know if you met cap or anything similar

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They’ve said they will not sell your data. The pass is the product not you. Quite refreshing


They will sell anonymised data, I guarantee it.

They might not sell your data specifically, but how else are they going to sell a pass that only gives them 0.2% back for each transaction when they’re paying TfL full price!

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(sam) #48

Because they are not necessarily paying for a travelcard for everyone.


What do you mean? You wouldn’t get the card unless you were using public transport in London enough to have to buy the weekly pass

(sam) #50

People buy the weekly pass rather than work out what they actually use.


No, they just use PaYG if they can’t be bothered to do anything. That’s what I’ve used when there :man_shrugging: because I don’t care. That’s what my friend uses too, I’d say most people who don’t care, use PaYG because it’s easy.


If I work in London I will often buy a pass, I might not end up there the full 5 days though, but its normally an easy option, I forget which contactless card I use otherwise.

(sam) #53

@recchan, I don’t think we are the target, I also very rarely venture into London. So I’d use PAYG if I did.
If I worked there, I’d buy this pass but like @daedal some days not go and some days my total travel would be less than the daily cap. So therein lies citymappers margin.
It’s not a huge margin, but millions of people commute into London each day. It soon adds up


Most people don’t have more than one or two cards. That or they just use the default one linked to apple pay.

(sam) #55

I normally carry a couple of credit cards and personal and business debit cards.
I think that’s quite normal, hence the amount of low profile wallets available to hold 6-7cards.


Anyone get accepted to the Citymapper Pass yet or received their card?


I would have if I actually signed up for it considering I opened the page the minute it launched :joy::joy: shame I don’t live in London though


Some people are fintech card collectors and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people living out of London subscribed for 4 weeks before pausing just to get the green card and show off.


If I could afford it I probably would have!

(Andy) #60

Yes, I have been charged for the first week’s subscription and the card is apparently shipping this week.