Cleo Money Manager

(George Flather) #1

Does anyone have any experience with Cleo money manager?

I have seen a fair bit of discussion around Emma/ Yolt in various forums but I have seen nothing relating to Cleo. If you look at their twitter, they claim to have 500,000 users signed up, so I am quite surprised to not have seen a thread on here already.

For anyone who has used them - are they basically the same as the 2 above?
I notice on their website, that they have the ability to connect to fewer of the challenger banks, but other than that I can really see what else they might provide that is different/ better to Emma or Yolt?

(Jim) #2

I’d not heard of them before so just looked them up… they use Facebook Messenger so of no use to me :man_shrugging:

(George Flather) #3

Yes likewise. I contacted them to see if there was a way on interacting with them without using Facebook messenger and they said that while something is in the works, there is no way of doing so at the moment.
So likewise, I will be avoiding them for now


I used it when I was with santander as they don’t support starling.

It’s okay but I think the main issue is their AI, it just isn’t good enough and I doubt it ever will be because it’s not easy. It just cant understand a lot of the things you ask it which gets frustrating.

I think it’s a great idea but it’s not quite there yet.