Closing an N26 account

Just sent off a request to close my N26 account - I was surprised to find out that in order to close the account they wanted me to fill out a PDF form, print it off, sign it, scan it back in and then email it back from the email address they had on file.

Bit of a faff.


Pretty sure you don’t need to print it off and fill it in, just get a wacom tablet and fill it all in electronically :slight_smile:

I don’t know mate, sounds like that might take longer

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Not for me :joy::joy: already have a wacom tablet

I didn’t have to do any of this! I literally have no idea why they’ve said you have to do this. They told me to just send them an email saying I wanted it closing.

Odd given you don’t need to sign anything to open the account.

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Was the pdf not even fillable in Adobe reader?

Yeah that was fine, signing it was the tricky bit.

In Adobe reader there is a signature button, you type your name and it makes up a signature. I presume n26 don’t have a specimen on file to compare against?

It says it needs to match the signature on the picture of my driving license I submitted when opening the account

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Fair enough

Guess I can never close my N26 account considering I don’t have a consistent signature :thinking: I normally get away with saying I’m dyspraxic and asking them to let me look at the signature first :joy:

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This whole “matching signature” stuff is completely bonkers. Noone has the same signature every day - let alone over many years…

Exactly, especially when my handwriting is categorically shirt 100% of the time to the point it takes me 30 seconds to write a legible sentence.

Biometrics all the way.

I had to make a 250k chaps payment. HSBC said my signature didn’t match so they gave me a new form to update my signature. So pointless


Can you send me a 250k CHAPS payment? Thanks

If you give me a house

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Sure, I’ll give you a Romanian house for 250k :slight_smile:

I opened a chat with N26 this morning to close my account. Got an instant response to say I’d need to email them from my registered email address and provide my full name, sort code and account number, which I’ve done. I received an automated email response but haven’t heard anything else yet.

I also contacted Monzo this morning to close my account, got through to someone within a couple of minutes on chat and, after I went through ID verification, my account was closed instantly. No messing about.

Hoping N26 isn’t going to make me jump through hoops.


I got an email same day saying that it had been closed. Although, I was in touch with their complaints team over an issue with my Metal subscription, and did it through them, so I have no idea if that sped up the process at all.

Also, I don’t know if this just applied to the paid accounts. I had to leave enough money in there to cover the remaining fees of the Black contract. However, I can still log into the account and see everything as if I had an account, but nothing can be done on it as it is closed.

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