Closing Monzo account

(Dan Mullen) #1

I contacted Monzo via live chat this morning to close my account. Quickly got through to an agent, went through ID verification and she closed my account instantly - no questions, no messing about - done :+1:t2:

Waiting to hear back from N26 and I won’t be surprised if it isn’t quite as easy to close that account :roll_eyes:


N26 sent me a form I had to complete and return before they would close my account, all rather long winded…

(What the Fork Dude?) #3

I had a similar experience, the only thing I found disconcerting was that I got kicked out of the app and that was it. No email no thanks, no “please note you’ll be kicked out of the app when we do this”

(Marcel Ruhf) #4

I never bother closing accounts, I just CASS them away - unless of course it’s a bank which isn’t a CASS scheme member, like N26.

(Dan Mullen) #5

I had exactly the same thing - looked up from my phone, looked back and I was on my homescreen. Swiped through my recent apps, took a few seconds to realise what had happened!


Actually, to be fair, that is by far the best way in my opinion to get rid of an account you no longer want. It saves any awkwardness, questions etc. I’ve CASS’ed several accounts over the last few years with no issues.