Coconut Opinions

(Feff) #1

I don’t suppose anyone here uses the Coconut app + card for their business banking do they?

I recently picked up the card and app when Starling got a bit weird, but for the Android beta. I really like the idea of what seems to be a starling business account mashed together with quickbooks SE but since features are currently a bit limited on android, was wondering if any of you apple users had tried out the more fleshed out version?

Right now all I can offer is that they’re a really friendly bunch and they had a nice card design

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I have Coconut on iOS. I signed up to see what it was like and for my self employed status just before Starling offered multiple business accounts.

I also haven’t been able to log in since I changed phones without having a chat with CS.

It looks like once they’re out of beta you’ll only get 20 free transfers per month, however if the invoicing and VAT management work well it might be worth £4.95 per month to people.

(Feff) #3

I’d pretty much just use it for freelancing so 20 transfers a month will be more than I will ever expect to have. Still, £4.95/month is still cheaper than Quickbooks Self-Employed (£6 + VAT/month), which seems to be the next cheapest (and trustworthy) business expenses app on the market to my knowledge.

Having a chat with CS when you switch phone seems like a minor issue, but on the Android support side they were pretty swift with responding (I messed up something when I finally decided to finish registration).

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #4

It looks like Coconut are trying to raise some money.


They’re certainly not shy about milking it.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #6

Pun intended? :thinking:


Both of them!


Any link to the pre-registration?

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #9

I’ve checked and I don’t think is personalised to me

(Feff) #10

I got this email too today. While I’m tempted, I’ve already spent up investment budget for this pay period, hah.

(Graham Butler ) #11

Crikey - that IS good :joy:

(James Cocker) #12

I tried Coconut a few months ago, but what put me off was that a simple bank transfer from my NatWest account to the Coconut account took several hours to appear in Coconut (and I think sending from Coconut was the same). As a freelancer juggling personal and business account balances, I need to be able to transfer funds instantly between them, so Coconut was a non-starter for me unfortunately.

(Tom) #13

Just been looking at Coconut, it looks interesting, but might be overkill for my needs. Is anyone still using it?


Oops… that might be a dealbreaker for me… somewhat regretting my investment now.

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(Tom) #16

Just noticed that Coconut now offer accounts for Ltd Companies. Good that they’ve opened this up, not sure it’s the right product for me, but does look pretty nice.


Where do you see that they offer them? It still says coming soon on their website.

(Tom) #18

Its listed in the iOS release notes


For some reason their website isn’t up to date regarding the limited company support. I signed up on Saturday out of curiosity. Just waiting for the card to arrive now.

One thing that bugs me, is that it says “Transactions may take 1-2 hours to show in your account”. Similar situation with Tide, but I guess this may be because it’s using PrePay?