Community Guidelines - Play by the rules, folks

Welcome to Fintech Talk!

This site was created as a home to members of Starling Bank’s online community who were unexpectedly left without a home when the banks suddenly shuttered its forum.

But now we are no longer under Starling’s roof we are able to open the discussion to other elements of Fintech and the wider consumer financial services industry.

We want our new community to be a great place for discussion where members look out for one another in the spirit of mutual help, respect and learning. No, seriously.

Before you start chatting, grab a coffee and take a minute to read through these guidelines.

Play Nice!

If the last few years have proved anything, it’s that people sometimes forget that they’re talking to actual people when they’re berating one another on twitter, facebook or online communities. This is sad ™.

Let’s make this place different. Treat everybody with respect and when you see somebody pushing this rule, please report any offending posts.

Play the ball, not the person

OK, so you disagree with somebody. That’s life.
Maybe take some time out before hammering a mean-spirited reply.
If we are going to argue, lets keep it factual and on-topic. Getting personal or abusive is likely to lead to time out on the naughty step.

As in life, treat people how you’d like to be treated. Please don’t harass people, or expose their private information. Keep language, links and images safe for family and friends (this is a public forum, after all!)

This is a conversation

Community is at the heart of any open forum, and ours is no different. Everything that’s posted here becomes part of the greater conversation; its direction and outcome is powered by you.

Keep it clean

We shoudn’t have to say this, but it here it is:
Abusive language, hate speech, racism, obscenity or sexually explicit content… None of that is allowed, and you’re not going to be here very long if you flout that.

Keep it ‘PG’, folks.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Some people don’t know how to behave in public.
Please don’t be tempted to debate with people who are intent on flouting forum rules for their own gratification.
Report them instead. If you see something that doesn’t quite square with our community guidelines, we ask that you flag it so that we can address it. If you see someone using hateful or deliberately incendiary language, don’t reply. Often, acknowledging negative behaviour just encourages it and more importantly, it’s a waste of your time.