Community tweaks

Morning folks,

This forum was set up in a hurry, in the aftermath of a well-publicised decision, taken elsewhere.

In fact, from the domain being purchased to the community welcoming its first members was only a few hours.

This meant that many of the settings are at default, with only a few changes made, largely for security reasons and also ease of access. As a result, there is still a slight feel of a ‘work in progress’.

Thanks to those who have submitted suggestions on how the site can be improved, from UI tweaks to new categories to expand the topics for conversation.

Please keep these coming.

Here’s some of the changes made so far at community members’ request…

Font size

Some of you thought I had over done the increase in font size throughout the site. I’ve dialled this back a little bit and the consensus so far is that the site looks better for it.


Nope, I am not sure what Eintech is either, though it’s probably trademarkable. Somebody should probably buy that domain name quick.

Obviously creating a proper logo during the hasty site creation was low on the list.

Eintech’s replacement is nothing to write home about (and possibly looks a little TalkTalk :face_vomiting:), but at least it’s readable and will do us for now.

Min post length

Many of you had wanted to respond to threads with short succinct responses. The minimum post character count of 20 prevented this.

It’s now 10 for replies with 20 for new threads. It’s always been 10 in DMs.

Change of language

When the site was launched, I positioned it as a welcoming new home for ‘refugees’ of the former Starling community.

Some members were troubled by the choice of the word ‘refugee’, and to be fair, I can understand this.

There is - rightly - a strong emotional response to words like this, and we need to make sure that nobody feels that we are trying to draw a correlation between those who are forced to flee for their lives from persecution… and a bunch of geeky types people being told that they are no longer welcome to discuss banking matters at a particular URL.

The word ‘refugee’ should now be absent from ‘house’ posts, though members, as ever, are free to identify themselves as they wish.


I noticed that post titles had to be a minimum of 15 characters - has that been changed?

I immediately thought talk talk as well but it’s better than the last logo. Maybe a teal colour would be more appropriate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It has now!

I’ve changed it to 10. Think that should be small enough.

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You never know, we could branch out into cheap broadband and Ofcom complaints.

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The bold style doesn’t seem to be very bold, could the strong weight be looked at?

^^ The words “bold style” above are actually in bold.

That literally changed in front of my eyes!

Is it bolder to you now?

I’ve added in an extra weight. Specifically, 700 now joins 400.
This, of course, is something that has the potential to slow things down - but things seem quick at the moment, so what the hey.

Thanks! That’s definitely bold now! :wink:

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Good comms, @liam. :smiley:

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Impressed with the improvements on here from feedback.

Still repping that Guru tag @Gallifreyangirl!

Love it!

Edit - So am I!

What voodoo is this…


Hey, nice touch! Once a Guru, always a Guru :smiley:


Gutted the “Flight Squad” never caught on :joy:

Guru seems to be set in stone now!

@Nick, “Flight Squad” was terrible mate… That’s the only positive thing to come out of the Community closure :joy:


Haha! If was the people’s choice!

The modern day Brexit…

Good to see how the forum develops over time.