Confirmation of Payee failure

I paid a friend today and both Starling and HSBC said they couldn’t verify the payee name. I double-checked that I was using the name on his account, which is with Santander.

Anybody else had any issues with Santander and CoP?

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I have tried it and it works for me with “Firstname Lastname”.

At Santander they seem to want you to ignore any middle names on the account and also not put a title.

Have you tried that format?

Yep, tried everything - A N Other (which is the format shown on their account), Alan Other, A Other (not real names, obv).

Might just be an issue with their account…

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How odd!

Sounds like it might be - are you sure it isn’t a “Joe” vs “Joseph” type problem?

Positive, yes. I called him and we went through all the possible combinations :slight_smile:

Of course, it’s only a warning, so not too important in the grand scheme of things…

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How odd, sometimes you just never know with these things!

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One of my banks (HSBC) flags if I do not use my initial of my middle name.
I just ignore it I don’t course because it’s my own account.

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Yes, it’s quite interesting to “test” how CoP responds to various combinations on your own accounts!

I have personally found a huge variation between different banks, although my name is obviously the same at all of them.

This is partially why I keep my middle name off of any accounts I have, that way it’s just Forename Surname

But what about credit checks?

My middle name is included on the electoral register, so CRAs expect it. I therefore always open my accounts with the true full name in order to give myself the best chance of passing automated checks. I don’t want to have to waste time with certified copies or branch visits (especially with Covid)!