Contactless limit being raised to £45

From April, the limit is being increased to £45, but will take a while to roll out.

Source: The Guardian


Cant decide whether or not I think it’s good or whether £45 is a touch too high or not.

It’s not an insignificant amount to loose if somebody got hold of your card, but I suppose though there are periodic mandatory chip and pin check-ups every few transactions now.

Personally it wont make any difference to me. Whether it’s under or over £45 I use Android Pay wherever I can so I can already go beyond this*.

*Except where retailer doesn’t program their gear properly!


Same here, the only place I use my card regularly is Waitrose as I earn Virgin miles as well (but not when using mobile wallets), but that ends tomorrow :frowning_face:

Still amazed how many people still insist on not using contactless as they don’t think it’s safe but they don’t mind using their PIN and making an awkward attempt to cover the keypad.

I guess it’s good to reduce having to touch keypads, but can’t see it making much difference.

I think right now the move is going to be welcomed by lots of people. I would rather they didn’t as the risk is then greater if you lose you card, however it was inevitable.

Encourage mobile payments rather than increase contactless would be a better idea.

What risk?!?

Not at the few ASDA stores I visit - £30 regardless of device used.

Personally I’d thought £50 or £60 would have been much better.

I’m not surprised ASDA haven’t worked out how to properly configure their card readers for use with mobile payments. It took them an age to enable contactless payments of any sort.

I’ve just received a message via my Starling App notifying me of the contactless limit increase. An even 50 quid would have been ok with me. To be honest, I wouldn’t cry if physical cash was done away with altogether. I rarely use physical cash these days anyway as I find it an utter pita.


I’ve received notifications from all of my (regularly used) Fintech accounts saying that they are supporting the raised limits, but my legacy accounts have all been very quiet.

And they say they’re catching up… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: