Credit cards and Realtime Balances

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I’ve got a bunch of Credit-cards that I am trying to link with True-layer for YNAB balance sync. Some cards do not support True-layer - i.e. John Lewis Partnership Card.

I am wondering, what’s the best card provider that anyone might be using for pushing live balances quickly to True-layer or Open Banking. I guess I am looking for a Credit Card that has a Monzo/Starling like push, although not expecting as instant as these providers. Recommendations?

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  • Amex - John Lewis - Starling - Nationwide - Barclaycard - MBNA - Monzo -

Tandem has them however, I wouldn’t recommend them.

I’m not a developer but I don’t think open banking APIs support push.

The aggregators have to request the data on-demand so they will never have live balances under the current system. I suppose they could get quasi-live by requesting every few seconds but I would suspect banks would not allow them to do this.

If we’re just talking about credit cards themselves (rather than sending data to aggregators), of the cards I’m familiar with:

  • Jaja updates balance as soon as instant transaction notification is received. It is the most ‘real-time’ credit card I have used.
  • Amex updates ‘available credit’ instantly (but not balance).
  • Nationwide is not instant.

The issue I have with Amex and my aggregator (Emma) is although the transaction will appear in the aggregator relatively quickly (I think Emma syncs every 4 hours by default), it is not editable (e.g. for adding notes and changing categories) until it moves out of pending state (which can take a day or two). This is different to Monzo. For Monzo transactions I can edit the transaction as soon as it appears in the aggregator (i.e. in Emma). Jaja does not yet provide open banking APIs so not sure how it will interact with aggregators.

You’re comparing an apple to an orange

Monzo have the transaction and can see when it posts

Emma have a transaction and then a posted transaction, they don’t have any link between the two. So for FX transactions and similar it can be very hard to match. Also very hard to match under other circumstances, so they need to keep everything locked until it’s posted and they have a final entry they’ll keep

I actually underestimated the difficulty of fixing this issue and gave them shirt for it, to which they offered me an interview if I solved the problem; haven’t found one yet and their provider of US account linking who’s been working on the issue for a long long time still haven’t got it down to 99+% accuracy

However, Emma does allow you to edit Monzo pending transactions, unlike pending transactions from other banks/cards I use. There must be something different in the way Monzo provide pending transanctions through their API that means Emma have the confidence to allow you to edit these transactions. Or perhaps they simply don’t present them as pending through the API so Emma just assumes they have cleared immediately.

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