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ClearScore uses Equifax, Noddle uses CallCredit, which one is for Experian?

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MSE Credit Club is what i use. I dont know if there is another free one, there must be


Mse credit club is the only decent one. Experian do provide a free credit checker but it only shows your score.

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MSE Credit Club is the one I use for Experian.


MSE Credit Club can’t find my report, despite the fact that Experian can with the exact same details :frowning:

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Any idea why closing one savings account and opening up another would negatively affect my credit score?

I get a weekly report from Noddle, and this last week my score dropped for no apparent reason? The only thing that changed was the aforementioned closing / opening of savings accounts?


The length of time accounts have been opened has always been an important factor on a credit report.

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I didn’t think a savings account would affect it, what with no credit being offered/available? I’d only had the account I closed for about 10 months too.


Your credit report isn’t just about your use of credit, its about your financial risk. Opening and closing accounts is seen as a risk, it never affects a score for long though, once it jumps past the opened in the past the 3 month marker it has less of an effect.

Past a year then 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, makes no difference, but a year is the magic marker, most contracts are for a year.

You have to remember companies don’t see things individually, they see it in figures.


I just signed up to MSE Credit Club yesterday because for some reason the account I also have with Experian, I couldn’t sign in or rather the Mpin page wouldn’t work for me. Tried it on 3 different browsers, Edge, Opera and Firefox, didn’t make any difference, so I abandoned it. MSE Credit Club no issues. Finally got to see my Experian credit score for free and was very pleasantly surprised as it is much higher than Noddle’s assessment.

One thing I have noticed, on both Noddle and MSE/Experian, my Starling Bank account is nowhere to be seen. My assumption is, it is because I don’t have an overdraft? Or maybe they did a ‘soft’ credit check and that doesn’t show up?


A bank reports to a credit reference agency, whether or not you have an overdraft. The only difference is it shows your overdraft usage if you have one.

Starling reports to both.

However if your account is new there will be a delay in reporting.


I’ve had my Starling account since May last year…


Eh, nationwide reports my accounts as open even if I have no overdraft.

Starling however don’t have my account listed as open on my credit report.


No idea, maybe when you opened Starling accounts they didn’t report to them. It is standard practice in the UK for a bank to report an account to a credit reference agency.

However they do report to both, I have a Starling account and it reports to both and I have no overdraft with Starling.


Yup, it seems a bit weird. My other accounts show up though neither credit reference agency displays my account balances, they just show zero and I can assure you, there’s plenty of wonga in them.


The £0 means you don’t owe them money, not your balance. So the £0 is correct.

But I’ve just checked now, and yeah Starling are reporting mine correctly.


Ok, got that, just strange that Starling isn’t showing up anywhere, but then neither does my famous name broadband provider or my gas/electric provider, not on either credit report.

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Most broadband or energy providers don’t, its hit and miss with them. But Starling is strange, its a bank, it should be reporting somewhere.

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Well I haven’t checked with Equifax yet. As I understand it, all the credit reference agencies now have to provide your statutory credit report for free without signing up for 30 day trials etc.


Clearscore will provide your Equifax one.

Clearscore, Noddle and MSE, if you have all three, then you get access to all three reports.