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ClearScore uses Equifax, Noddle uses CallCredit, which one is for Experian?

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MSE Credit Club is what i use. I dont know if there is another free one, there must be


Mse credit club is the only decent one. Experian do provide a free credit checker but it only shows your score.

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MSE Credit Club is the one I use for Experian.


MSE Credit Club can’t find my report, despite the fact that Experian can with the exact same details :frowning:

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Any idea why closing one savings account and opening up another would negatively affect my credit score?

I get a weekly report from Noddle, and this last week my score dropped for no apparent reason? The only thing that changed was the aforementioned closing / opening of savings accounts?


The length of time accounts have been opened has always been an important factor on a credit report.

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I didn’t think a savings account would affect it, what with no credit being offered/available? I’d only had the account I closed for about 10 months too.


Your credit report isn’t just about your use of credit, its about your financial risk. Opening and closing accounts is seen as a risk, it never affects a score for long though, once it jumps past the opened in the past the 3 month marker it has less of an effect.

Past a year then 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, makes no difference, but a year is the magic marker, most contracts are for a year.

You have to remember companies don’t see things individually, they see it in figures.