Curve bringing back Amex


Curve posted this video on Facebook:

Confirms they’re bringing back Amex. It’ll be interesting to see what form it takes

(Dotun) #2

Eh. Since you can’t withdraw from credit cards anymore without a hefty fee, what’s the point. No advantages except for of course, leaving your Amex card at home (which you can use Apple/Google Pay instead)

EDIT: Oh I forgot. Amex is not accepted everywhere like Visa/MC.

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be interesting to see what deal they have done.

I think if they can just offer a better rate of exchange and lower fees than using amex abroad it would be worth it

(Dotun) #4

I’ve also forgot that Amex is not accepted everywhere like Visa/MasterCard. D’oh!


What’s the second announcement? The CEO Asia’s he would make two huge announcements.

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They all but said there was going to be a Curve metal when Revolut launched theirs so I’m surprised that hasn’t made an official appearance yet in some announcement. Whether the near fiasco Revolut have found themselves in with a 40k waiting list and people who were promised cards at launch still not having received them has made Curve more cautious to put it back until they know they can deliver it, or if it’s just another :soon:


Premium Curve offers unlimited Amex usage, high-end travel & gadget insurance, and metal cards (in a choice of 3 colours). Launches in just over 1 month’s time, for a hefty monthly fee.


Is there a reference or a source?

Strange how a fintech isn’t trumpeting it out and sending their press release to every tech blog.


Curve, er, sort of flies by the seat of their pants, so there’s a non-negligible chance all this changes in a month’s time! I suspect they will have big scaling issues when it comes to their metal cards.

(Dotun) #10

What’s with this damn ‘metal’ craze these FinTech banks are doing?! And locking good features under it?! What if I don’t want a metal card, but want its features?

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Can’t wait for a fintech to release a gold metal card.

Which one will do it first? Glint Pay?


You can get one now if you have 14k euros to spare:


The stupid thing is, I don’t really carry cards with me, I just use my watch, but if I had a metal card I might actually use that just for the sake of it. So curve does have the appeal from that aspect. However I don’t use Curve and don’t want to use Curve.

Talking about gold cards, I remember seeing one in the office, so had to go and check who issued it, luxe Card do, issued by Barclays Delaware.

(Dave) #15

Vanity is undoubtedly a reason, but I wonder if a case could be made in terms of reducing plastic waste. Or maybe the card type that Triodos are issuing is a better solution? I think I’m way off topic now though.

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Vanity is one reason but also Metal cards tends to be more hard wearing. I have had a few non UK bank accounts that supply metal cards and they still looked new when they expired.

(sam) #17

There’s a LOT more waste with a metal card, especially as they also have a plastic core.
The amount of energy to mine and produce the metal, roll it into a thin sheet and to laser engrave all the details is ridiculous. So wasteful!
Plus it’s hard to separate the materials for recycling.

(Dave) #18

Fair enough.

(Dotun) #19

If you don’t use Curve, don’t want to use Curve, them having a metal card won’t suddenly make you use Curve.

Maybe you’ll try it out a bit, but you’ll eventually put that metal card back somewhere. A metal card isn’t really all that special.

It’s a shame there’s no Apple Pay for Curve yet. Geez man.


The metal card is purely because I don’t normally carry a card because either I need a wallet or they break, a metal card solves that problem. I use my watch or android pay.

Curve doesn’t really offer me anything that I need, however that may change over time, who knows, I never rule anything out.