Curve bringing back Amex

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You can break your plastic cards (without a wallet?) How is that even possible?

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With he impending Amex addition, I thought I’d finally get a curve card. The main thing I’ve noticed so far is that it takes approx 2 days to get a response from CS. Is this pretty standard, or have I just caught them at a bad time? Do you get faster support if you upgrade to the black card?

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Purely my experience of course so everyone else’s may be different, but…



They keep using the excuse that they’re upgrading all their beta customers to the newest design cards so its slowing everything down, but i’ve not found it any more or less to before.

Not in my experience, no.


I have some ‘VIP’ flag that means I get super fast responses, but everyone else says it takes multiple days - it is a long-standing issue. Never fear though, they have recruited a 3D animator so the website will have some impressive videos to help you pass the time whilst you wait.

Black response times are no better, but you will want to upgrade to the premium card in a couple of weeks just before they launch Amex acceptance :wink:

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Two days sounds good based on my experience. The first time I contacted them it was seven days. It wasn’t an important issue at all, so maybe they took even longer with me. It was a bit quicker once we started some back an forth chatting; maybe a day between replies then.

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Premium card? Is that the black card, or something else?


I meant upgrade to the black card before they relaunch (if you want to use Amex a lot). Sorry for being unclear.

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Ah right. Thanks.

By the way, I saw this post above:

So is there a premium account coming too?

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Not sure where this puts us, but on their website…

Mind you, upon re-reading, they’re referring to Monzo as a pre-paid card so let’s ignore it. :smirk:

In fact the Curve website is pretty much at odds with most of this thread.

Out of interest, where’s the stuff around a premium service which will include Amex?


That page has been the same ever since they launched the personal card. It’s certainly not up to date.

Regarding the premium stuff, they haven’t officially announced it yet. Their CEO announced it in a speech, and some people tweeted what he said, but there’s been no official communications from Curve.

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Aha, that makes sense, albeit rubbish comms. :smirk:


Didn’t Curve tease that they had 2 big announcements coming at that event?

One was the Amex support, which a lot of people guessed - But I didn’t see the second big announcement?

As for Curve itself, I’ve never really had a good feeling from the company.

I signed up for the free blue personal card - But I received a Black Corporate card (with the better benefits).

Obviously not knocking that at all, but their answer was “Lucky you” pretty much :joy:

CS has been a bit iffy, and I’ve had a few declined transactions.

If the Amex support is free, I’ll definitely give it another go though.


They apparently announced a premium version with amex support, metal cards and some sort of insurance (probably travel insurance). But this is just what I saw on twitter from others - I wasn’t there. It is a bit bizarre announcing it semi-public my like that…

Yeah, I can’t say I love them, but they are providing a service I find useful, and that I can’t get anywhere else, so I’m willing to give them a bit of slack.


Ah OK - I was under the impression that this was all rumour and speculation (because I hadn’t seen an announcement from Curve, and people were jumping to conclusions about how they would bring Amex support back).

If it ends up being a paid addition, I won’t use it.

Agree with this! Although I don’t really use them that much anymore.


They are cowboys who give the whole Fintech industry a bad name.


I think there are plenty of fintechs giving the fintech industry a bad name :joy:

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I think it kinda is. A man allegedly saying something at a conference isn’t exactly confirmation. For all we know he could have prefaced the non Amex bit with “In a decade…”, whenever anyone has brought it up to them on twitter they just seem to pretend it doesnt exist and talk about Amex coming in November, nothing whatsoever about the second announcement of this new higher tier, metal cards, insurances etc.

It’s all incredibly odd and appears to me like he may have been doing an Elon Musk and discussing plans and ideas as if it was far more advanced than it is, but maybe they’ll shock us all on Thursday with 3 metal cards and a premium tier to sign up to immediately.


Did you ever see the second announcement?

They were really clear on social media that they had 2 announcements coming…


It’s especially bizarre that they teased the announcements quite heavily on social media, then didn’t actually… announce them on social media :man_shrugging:


They did announce the Amex integration though (didn’t they?)

It was this “second” announcement that I haven’t seen.