Curve bringing back Amex


Not really. They’ve replied to people asking that it’s coming soon, and retweeted articles about it, but haven’t actually put out an announcement themselves, nor given any details about how it will work, what it will cost etc.


This was the “announcement” I saw from them

Also - They have said (via replies to other people), that it’s coming in November.

But yeah, it’s not quite the marketing you’d expect.


ah yes, I do remember seeing that now. More of a teaser than a proper announcement, but at least it’s something official


Because - as ever with Curve - the devil is in the detail. They don’t follow FCA regulations for advertising financial products, and inflate & over promote at every opportunity. They will indeed start accepting Amex (under their current plan), but only for a small amount per month on their free card - if you want to use it like a Mastercard or Visa, then you have to pay a new monthly subscription.

Of course, this is Curve so mid Nov could see something totally different launched!


Where has that info come from though?

Speculation and rumour? Or Curve directly?

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…but for free, or is there a fee?

We will find out next month I guess.

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I got in touch with them recently and was also told November for Amex support to return.

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I’d be interested to know if it’s going to be black card only?

I’ve been debating whether to bite the bullet and get the black card, but the 2 day turnaround for any questions I’ve asked have kind of put a dampner on my enthusiasm.

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I actually enquired about upgrading to black and when Amex support was due. They answered my questions but didn’t mention anything about Amex being for black cards only.

It only looks worth upgrading to black if you signed up before 16 Feb 2018. After that point, Curve Rewards was replaced with Curve Cashback, which is an introductory offer for the first three months.

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Yeah, I’d noticed that it was for 90 days now, and that you only earn 1%. So you’d have to go on a pretty decent spending spree to get your 50 quids worth :money_mouth_face:


Remember this is Curve, so any announcements will play fast and loose with the truth based on experiences with “0% FX” and “All your cards in one” and “use anywhere Mastercard is accepted” et al.

Whilst they will accept Amex in a couple of weeks, this will only be certain Amex cards. You’d expect basic card holders to get to use Amex, but with v strict spending limits. Pay for a fancy metal card and you get to pick your colour & have unlimited Amex spend.

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Anyone would think you weren’t a fan… :thinking::joy:


I like the idea, but I don’t like cheating and misleading people. I wish they were just upfront and honest, but this doesn’t match their current culture. My fear is that their approach turns people off fintech in general.

I note they’ve changed the wording on their website in the last few days, so instead of ‘Travel With No Fees’ it now says ‘Save on Travel With Curve’, but I wish they were open about non-acceptance of Amex charge cards, and the real FX savings.

They say it is up to 5% on spending abroad - is anyone aware of any card that charges 5% (or even 3%) on purchases abroad?

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I’m not sure it really fits the fintech culture generally. Some may think this is harsh, but I see lots of talking about it, but little doing it.

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Had an email from curve today. This bit made me smile…

“We apply a surcharge on transactions at weekends, due to the foreign exchange markets being closed.

Did you know the average family holiday costs £4792? A 5% FX fee charge would cost around £240. Thank goodness you have a Curve card!”

How many people book there entire holiday in another currency? If you do, make sure you don’t do it at the weekend


The report that said the average cost of the holiday was £4792 was just looking at hotel and air fares and excluded spending in foreign currency once there. Local spend was was £227 per week, so assuming you had the most expensive credit card, using Curve would save you just over a fiver.

I still don’t know who they are thinking of when they quote 5% - is there really a UK card that charges 3% or more on foreign spend?

PS Amex acceptance may be delayed

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I’ve been meaning to ask about this for a few weeks. I’m assuming that this surcharge is because they aren’t using the MasterCard rate and are using money market rates instead? I did make a foreign currency transaction using Curve (not at the weekend) and it did seem slightly cheaper than the MasterCard rate.

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Here’s the latest…from Curve’s community forum.

We are very excited to tell you that the Amex Beta testing program will start November 20th!

Our team has been working non-stop to bring Amex back. With the Alpha stage nearly completed we are in full preparation for launching Beta program.

More information on how our community members can apply to join the program will be published early next week. Make sure you are ‘watching’ this thread to be notified.

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How do we join the community? I go to but it only give me an option to login, not create account.