Curve bringing back Amex

(Dan Mullen) #61

I believe it’s by invite only - invitation from Curve, not other forum members.

(Graham Butler ) #62

Just re-read the email from Curve.

Welcome…beta…etc, then this link.

Don’t know if it works outside the forum. If not, let me know. I’ll ask how you’re supposed to express interest.

Here’s the email…

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #63


(Graham Butler ) #64

Blimey that was quick. I’ll ask them about renewing the link.

If he/she who’s used it was successful, can you let us know please?

(Dave) #65

Those links are specific to a person/email address so they are of no use to anyone else whether they have been used or not. In that way you can control who is signing up to your forum.

(Graham Butler ) #66

Blast, I misread the message. Sorry.

(Graham Butler ) #67

The very nice Marie says if I DM her email addresses of interested parties, she’ll invite them.

Any takers - DM me…


Top work from @Graham and Marie at Curve.

Thank you :pray:

(Justin Hunt) #69

New to the forum,
And looking forward to some grown up talk about fintech, as opposed to the insecure squabbling children on Monzo.

Would love to have access to the curve community, but at the moment having a few challenges sending @Graham a DM on here.


(Dan Mullen) #70

Welcome @smallhorse :+1:t2:

It may be that you need to hit a particular trust level before being able to send DMs. Try engaging with a few topics on here and it shouldn’t take very long before you can send messages.

(Graham Butler ) #71

I’ve just hit the “Cant send another post for an hour” limit. That’s a drag.

(Manda) #72

How did you get a pink aeroplane against your picture @Graham

(Graham Butler ) #73

I’ve no idea, Manda :flushed:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #74

I think it has to do with your previous life as a Guru


@Liam is the only one who can do that (it was nothing to do with the Guru I don’t think).

(Liam) #76

I wanted to recognise the gurus from the other place. I had a limited choice of icons in font awesome - and always intended to re-visit it.


Oh - How come the Wizard was the only one with the badge?

Unless that’s a setting I missed!

(Liam) #78

I have no idea! I’ve obviously screwed something up. Should be on these, I think…


:joy: No worries!

It’s probably better to start a fresh anyway!

This is a forum for all of the fintechs after all :grinning:

(Liam) #80

Found it!