Curve bringing back Amex

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Yes, if you can avoid the fees it is worth a go :slight_smile:

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For my use case it’s handy, but for some Amex users a number of issues could occur. E.g. some cards give you more cashback for certain types of purchases, and since curve isn’t passing through transaction, they’ll get the flat rate.

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I was going to sign up for the beta but the whole top-up thing put me off

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It’s unfortunate that the top-up method is the way around Amex’s conditions. But for some people it’s okay to use this workaround, but I understand that for many it’s not what they’re looking for.

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I need to see what Amex response to this is before I commit. It’s a shame but this feels like a work around of Amex terms as opposed to working with Amex to get the card useable in conjunction with them

Also a shame as I was sent the Test Flight link but still no email with t’s and c’s so i installed before I realised it would take 15 days to “un-beta” my account

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I don’t like being a negative nelly, and I think Curve still have an opportunity to own their little part of the market.

But there’s a few things that have put me off.

  1. They seem to have quite a few issues with GPS (card processor).
  2. Some of the stuff that has happened just screams of poor management. The whole “is my black card actually a black card” is very frustrating.

In a nutshell, they sent out loads of black cards this year, but those cards are actually blue cards :roll_eyes:

  1. Customer service has been poor.
  2. The Amex thing is a bit of a farce right now.

I still have high hopes that curve can be really useful for me in the future, but I’m feeling it’s more hassle than it’s worth right now.

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In their app, under FAQs, there’s a section about upgrading to the premium version. It says “We’re working on an upgrade feature and it should be ready shortly”. The post is dated 25 November 2016…


I have the Costco Amex card, which gives 1% cashback on most things.

To use the Curve, as I only have the blue card (I don’t remember ever being given the option, but ah well - Thats what I’ve got) I would have to pay a 0.65% fee, meaning I have 0.35% remaining.

I also have a Tandem card which gives 0.5% cashback on all purchases.

I’ve decided it is absolutely pointless to join in that Beta.


Amex are currently happy with the current approach, and don’t charge cash advance fees.

The Curve fees are high though - even the £1k a month is a joke for the high spenders Curve wants. And if it can’t get them to carry only one card, the data they collect on your spending habits (that their business model needs to make a profit) is not worthwhile.

Saying that, this is just a beta and I’d expect the proposition & fees to be very different in a year’s time.


Interestingly, I was first sent through a letter of rejection (story of my life), and then tonight I received an email saying I was in.

I reckon the take up is much lower than they’d hoped.

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Not connected to Curve, but connected to AMEX; this made me chuckle

What’s that at the bottom?

So you can’t get here to AMEX house, home to 3500 AMEX employees using AMEX

Nor can you get to The AMEX using AMEX

and DEFINITELY don’t try and go anywhere on this bus WHICH LITERALLY HAS AMEX ON THE SIDE using AMEX.

Thank goodness AMEX acceptance has come on in leaps and bounds… :see_no_evil::joy:

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Bargain. It includes airport lounge access worldwide


The annual fee for maintaining the account is so low too, it’s under 1000€!

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And you can get the sterling silver card for €1490.00! Bargain!

Edit: €28690 for a platinum card! That’s nearly a third of the value of my house!


And you only have to pay 2.49% for foreign currency transactions! It really is a bargain


You can’t use it to grab a tenner from your local cashpoint to buy that oh-so-tasty kebab after a night on the town. So sadly I’m out…

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Imagine if the cash machine swallowed it


I’d get my car and drag the forker out of the wall :joy::joy:

But don’t worry, as you can’t actually withdraw cash with it!