Curve Cash

I signed up for Curve a couple of years ago and have referred a number of people. I now have £40 Curve Cash.

Can I go to an ATM and withdraw £40? Is that how it works?

I’ve never actually used the Curve Card. I really just don’t understand how this concept is a thing? I just don’t get the point of it.

Oh, and the app is rubbish. I can’t seem to remove cards I no longer have.

You’re better off topping up with Settle Up or

You mean move £40 from Curve to Monzo via ?

Yes! It has worked perfectly for me in the past.

It’s such hassle getting cash or trying to spend the exact amount. Easier just to pay it into a real account

From the opening post:

You also won’t be able to withdraw cash while your Curve Rewards card is selected in the app.

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Beat me to it.

See, I actually think this could be a brilliant product - I just don’t think Curve have the vision that would make it mutually beneficial between customer & Curve

For instance - I would pay AmEx money to get them back onto the platform and say “you guys can train our CS so they’re the same standard as yours, we will not question any decisions they make. you can deal with complaints” as AmEx mentioned they had issues with that portion of Curve.

Then Curve is sat on a goldmine - imagine your Curve Marketplace. Insurance products for things purchased through the Curve card, if Curve could make their card a fake credit, even more attractive proposition.

Curve could corner automatic card discounts (assuming they go after receipts too), loyalty programs and receipts with the amount of people they can reach through some advertising. Especially when they get near apple pay :slight_smile:

And they could even hit that up a step further and then utilize the amount of data they’ve collected and sell that aggregated to merchants: they’re getting all the data regardless and could save the merchants some money on in-house data analysis staff

what is selling ,what isn’t? curve could answer that for you. it could also answer a bunch more.

500 customers purchased X brand vs 100 of a competitor, etc etc

300 more went to your #1 competitor to purchase this. we can compare what people are buying in each store and work out what you could do different

financial data is literally gold dust, curve seem to have missed that point. it doesn’t need some subscription to attempt to not make a loss. especially ifthey can perfect the customer service.

If you have a Revolut card you can top-up your account using your Curve Cash too.

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time to move away from curve entirely then :joy:

tbh newday cards are geting contactless and apple pay shortly according to them, so im hoping they do this so i can ditch curve (contactless > chip & pin everything)

They don’t have nearly enough customers to achieve this yet

they could make it happen with simple improvements to their products.

integrate with some accepting banks so you get the merchant name on the statement, not the Curve*half a name

either that or turn around and make your own solid merchant enrichment.

integrate with Flux (for now)

contact big retailers, explain your user count and vision. even if you get Asda and McDonalds, it’s worth it.

imagine if they could do that with a few large merchants over the entire EEA and eventually america?

Why? What is the use case?

  • Cash flow: if Curve reverse a pending payment I can use it to duke my credit card bill out and increase my temporary cash flow
  • I have to carry less cards
  • better analytics: if i do all my spending on a single card and it tells me the category, place and card ive spent on as well as the names of specific merchants - i get all the benefits of my underlying cards + have them all in one place
  • avoidance of fx fees (provided they actually make their card a little better on this front) up to a certain limit

With Curves management there is no way Curve can work, it will just end up being bought out and either die or the new company work on the product.

While using third parties for everything they can’t do what they want, the declines, the delays just make the product not usable without a backup, and having a backup, defeats the whole point of curve.

I have a couple of pounds in Curve Cash I need to download the app again and use that lol


Recchan, thanks your answer.

I don’t know what this means? Whatever it means, I don’t think I have ever needed it?

I carry an iPhone with all the cards in the wallet.

Apart from a nice to have, I don’t think this brings me any utility at all?

I can use Monzo, Starling, TransferWise and Halifax Credit cards to avoid FX fees. …but it’s something I need infrequently.

I do appreciate your answers but personally speaking I really just don’t get the point of the Curve card? It makes little sense to me and I don’t understand why they’ve Crowdfunded so much so quickly? That said, if anyone wants a free fiver, direct message me for a code :smiley:

I would like someone to convince me on Curve. As yet, I remain unconvinced.

If your credit card bill is due in 2 days and you have a payment pending and use ‘go back in time’ you can move it to a new credit card to avoid haivng it due on that bill

alternatively if you need some liquid cash in your account and have something pending, you can ‘go back in time’ to put it on a credit card, to be paid later.

me too but i hate getting them out, tbh. that and amex isnt accepted everywhere by contactles properly, whereas mastercard will be fully contactless by 2020 in Europe. (presuming they get it back)

that and cards that dont support contactless/apple pay/google pay will benefit (when it comes to curve, although i dont see it happening soon)

i get the point of it but i dont think it’s a good product, i think you can understand that for someone not using Monzo/Starling/TransferWise/Halifax Credit cards may appreciate just having this above their normal bank card rather than having to open an account, you know?

i cant be bothered to go and find the investor pitch but if you can hand me a link i can give some insight perhaps, im basically an expert after the amount of dragons den ive seen :wink: (joking, of course)

Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve tried sending Curve Cash to Revolut, Monzo and Starling. Each one of them say that the (Curve) card is not supported.

That’s odd, I literally just topped up my Starling account with my Curve card about two hours ago. Although, I’ve never been able to top up Revolut with Curve.

Does your card begin 5162 73?

I’ve used it to try and buy a book from Amazon. The book is exactly £40 and has been in my wish list for a while.